Local Elections - Tauranga City Council

Candidates for the 2024 Tauranga City Council election


To keep people informed ahead of the election on July 20, Local Democracy Reporting asked the 15 mayoral candidates their thoughts on four topics - visit the link alongside each candidate to read their answers as they are released.

• Tanya Bamford-King | Tauranga Mayoral Race: Tanya Bamford-King

• Aureliu Braguta | Tauranga Mayoral Race: Aureliu Braguta

• Greg Brownless | Tauranga Mayoral Race: Greg Brownless

• Andrew Caie | Tauranga Mayoral Race: Andrew Caie

• Mahé Drysdale | Tauranga Mayoral Race: Mahé Drysdale

• Anthony Goddard | Tauranga Mayoral Race: Anthony Goddard

• Chudleigh Haggett | Tauranga Mayoral Race: Chudleigh Haggett

• Ria Hall

• Donna Hannah | Tauranga Mayoral Race: Donna Hannah

• Hori BOP | Tauranga Mayoral Race: Hori BOP

• Tim Maltby | Tauranga Mayoral Race: Tim Maltby

• Jos Nagels | Tauranga Mayoral Race: Jos Nagels

• Douglas Owens | Tauranga Mayoral Race: Doug Owens

• John Robson | Tauranga Mayoral Race: John Robson

• Tina Salisbury | Tauranga Mayoral Race: Tina Salisbury

Affiliation: People and Progress OVER Politics | www.tinasalisbury.nz

I’m committed to making Tauranga a more connected, thriving, and affordable city. With a groundswell of community support, I’m standing for Mayor. My vision focuses on four key priorities. 

1: address the housing crisis by reducing bureaucracy and unlocking sustainable development. 

2: tackle traffic congestion by adopting better transport choices and building resilient infrastructure.

3: advocate for prudent, innovative, sustainable, and collaborative solutions for resolving financial constraints, and minimising our ratepayers’ burden.

4: inclusive decision-making, underpinning what’s important to our diverse communities/businesses, building strong tangata whenua, regional and national partnerships. 

With broad community and business leadership experience, including as Deputy Mayor, I will rebuild confidence and trust. 

I’ll cultivate a cohesive and inclusive team that values community participation; bringing strong, decisive, and strategic leadership that balances our community needs with affordability and the capacity to manage, without sacrificing progress. 

Te Awanui Ward

• Suaree Borell

• Ashley Hillis

• Mikaere Sydney

Arataki Ward

• Sarah-Jane Bourne

• Rick Curach

• Anthony Goddard

• Teresa Killian

Be bold, Be brave, Be better

My name is Teresa Killian and I live near Bayfair and currently work fulltime at the Port. I have previously owned two businesses and worked in Senior Management across aviation, transport/logistics and construction.

My priority is to help form a respectful, forward thinking, collaborative and cohesive Council.  My business acumen and leadership skills around the boardroom table have taught me when to listen, when to delve deeper and when to speak up. You talk, I listen.

As a member of the Links Ave Community panel, I know community consultation works. 

I want every dollar of our rates monies spent wisely, by identifying wasteful spending and scrutinizing the “Grand CBD projects”.  Let’s create a vibrant, environmentally sustainable city that continues as an economic powerhouse.  

I will commit to being a fulltime Councillor for Arataki. 

Vote 1 for Teresa Killian. www.killian4council.nz

• Adrienne Pierce

• Kim Renshaw

• Jeroen Van der Beek

• Andrea Webster

• Harris Williams

• Mike Williams

Bethlehem Ward

• Charlene Apaapa

• Shelley Archibald

• Felicity Auva’a

• Darren Gilchrist

• Gerry Hodgson

• Jos Nagels

• Bevan Rakoia

• John Robson

• Kevin Schuler

Matua-Ōtūmoetai Ward

• Tanya Bamford-King

• Ronald Chamberlain

Democracy is paramount as is The Will of the People without any need for politics just getting the job done needs to be the focus. Experience on Auckland Council in the past provides this plus common sense which has been lacking in past years. The right for you, the ratepayer, to have your say is a must. A volunteer for many years does not produce wealth but much satisfaction to the many thousands who give their most valuable thing in life - their time.

“We make a living from what we earn, but we make a life by what we give.” - W. Churchill

-Ron Chamberlain, Otumoetai.    

• Glen Crowther

Born and raised in Otūmoetai, I returned in 2006 keen to support the community that shaped me. As Executive Director of Sustainable BOP Trust and a Regional Transport Advisor, I’ve developed a detailed understanding of council’s plans and finances.

As your Matua-Otūmoetai councillor, I’ll value different perspectives and ensure your voice is heard. I excel at teamwork, analysis, and finding practical, cost-effective solutions.

Tauranga’s biggest challenge is managing the rapid growth that’s overwhelmed the city. Council debt is skyrocketing – doubling under the Commissioners!

We must limit rates increases by curbing non-essential spending and ensuring the government and land developers contribute more towards growth infrastructure.

It’s also vital we prioritise essential infrastructure, including top-ranked transport projects (Hewletts-Totara, public transport, etc.), a Tauranga West transfer station, and keeping Otūmoetai Pool.

Please give me your #1 vote for financial accountability, transparent leadership, and a genuine community voice. I’ll hit the ground running. - www.glencrowther.nz

• Suzie Edmonds

• Cam Holden

• Jim McKinlay

"My commitment is to be an effective custodian and accessible - as your local Councillor. My goal is to ensure that our Council operates as a cohesive team, delivering well-managed progress while maintaining financial stability. Your vote "1" will enable me to continue moving our city forward with renewed energy!

As proud residents of the Matua / Otumoetai Ward, my wife Sue and I love living in Tauranga. We want to ensure that our family and all residents can enjoy the best our city has to offer and create an even more exciting future.

Drawing from my extensive experience in leadership, business, senior management and governance, I am committed to ensuring that our Council prioritises effective delivery of core services.

In my twenty years at Bayleys, I have developed considerable expertise in commercial property and stakeholder management – which will be valuable as we manage our large city building programme." www.mckinlayjim.com

• Basie Pikimaui

• Ken Patterson

• Tenby Powell

• Kim Pritchard

• Mike Rayner

I grew up in Tauranga before serving in New Zealand’s military, then travelling the world for eleven years. I returned to the city I love where I currently teach Metalwork at Ōtūmoetai College, as well as running a successful commercial development business. 

I am standing for councillor out of a desire for change, and my hope our council can make a clean break from its troubled past, where common sense and basic courtesy was rare.  

I have previously served in governance roles on community boards, and believe in investment in new projects, but not at the expense of the upkeep of facilities that have already been established, often by the hard work and private fundraising of volunteers. 

I will be a voice for the preservation of the Ōtūmoetai Pool, Tauranga Golf Course, Tauranga Racecourse, and the Baypark Speedway, and will seek to reverse all previous plans for their disestablishment. 

• Zach Reeder

• David Tank

• David Webb

Mauao/Mount Maunganui Ward

• Heidi Hughes

• Garth Mathieson

I have lived in Mount Maunganui for 36 years and Tauranga for 2 years before that.  I am a self-employed lawyer with 38 years of experience, 31 of those on my own account. 

I am a Lieutenant Commander in the Royal New Zealand Navy Volunteer Reserve and have completed two overseas deployments and multiple domestic and international military exercises.  From 2003 to 2009 I was the Chairman of the Tauranga Millennium Track Trust that organised the construction of and raised the finance for the world class athletic track at the Tauranga Domain.

I am standing to represent community organisations, the glue that binds communities together and the ratepayers.

My vison is different than that of the Commissioners.  I see Tauranga as a 21st century city of interconnected villages rather than a per-21st century city with one CBD.

• Teresa Nichols

• Michael O'Neill

• Jacqueline Pointon

• Jen Scoular

• Peter Stanley

Pāpāmoa Ward

• Bryan Archer

• John Bowden

• Phillip Coleman

• Ria Hall

• Tim Maltby

• Steve Morris

• Maaka Nelson

• Craig Purcell

• Shelley Robb

Te Papa Ward

• Andrew Caie

• Mark Decke

Who am I? I am Mark Decke, born here in Tauranga and still reside in Gate Pa. 

After many years as a business owner, Scrapman metal recyclers, I made the decision to sell the business and give back to the community.

With a fresh focus, I will be your voice to grow and enhance our beautiful city.

My vision prioritises sustainable development, environmental stewardship, and local inclusivity.

I am a strong advocate for affordable housing, public transportation enhancements and community programs for both seniors and our youth.

I am passionate about local community rugby, and a life member of the Greerton Marist rugby community centre.

Also following in the footsteps of my father, Ross Decke a former promotor of the Old Baypark Speedway in Mt Maunganui, I am the current President of the Bay of Plenty Speedway association and have been an active member of the club for the past 35 years.

• Chudleigh Haggett

• Reihana Marx

• Terry Molloy

• Jim Smith

• Bram van Berkel

I stand for accountability, common sense, innovation, and realistic and sustainable economic outcomes.

I have owned and managed my own businesses. Built, worked for, and led small and large companies. Overseen and managed budgets over $100 million. Engaged with private, government and council sectors as a contractor, consultant, and adviser.

I will promote your interests and make decisions that benefit all our people and city now and for the future while keeping costs in the limits of reasonable expenditure.

Building heights, infrastructure and green spaces need to be sensibly planned and managed to harmonise Tauranga growth.  I believe in “Air, Sun and Amenities”. This means, people’s environmental / living space(s) are not turned into undesirable environments/surroundings.

My high priorities traffic congestion, infrastructure, population growth and the continual rejuvenation of Tauranga for the short and long-term benefit of us and future generation that come after us.

• Rod Taylor

• Barbara Turley


• Murray Guy

• Larry Baldock

Since 2001 I have been elected at various times to represent Pyes Pa and Greerton and served one term in Parliament as a List MP working hard to make progress on Tauranga’s transportation, housing, infrastructure and social amenity needs.

Under the Commissioners good progress has been made but there is still much to be addressed like the congestion we currently endure moving in and out of our Tauriko Ward through the roundabouts that cross State Highway 29. This is one of the most critical issues facing us now.

As we transition back to elected Councillors some may think that it should be out with the old and in with a new! However with a proven track record I ask for your vote so that my experience and knowledge of the past can help support a new team of councillors to keep our city moving forward into the future. - www.baldock.org

• Marten Rozeboom

• Stephen Wheeler

Welcome Bay

• Hautapu Baker

• Aureliu Braguta

• Ethan Brinkman

• Robert Coe

• Donna Hannah

• Cameron Templer