Driving demand for healthy food

A growing demand for healthy, sustainable and fair food has seen an increase in farmers' markets and more young people getting back into farming.

Markets have grown almost three-fold in the last decade, while many grocery stores are now displaying local food and produce with pride.

Toi Te Ora–Public Health Service are encouraging people to eat more healthy food.

In New Zealand, the food movement has been growing in recent years, with groups within the Tauranga and broader Western Bay region working tirelessly to support access to healthy and sustainably-grown food.

There's also been a rise in community gardens, school vegetable gardens, planting of public fruit trees (such as the Kati Kaiway), food rescue services and other programs which reduce food waste.

Toi Te Ora – Public Health Service is particularly passionate about communities having access to healthy and wholesome food.

Dana Thomson, health improvement advisor for Toi Te Ora, says: 'We are committed to working with local authorities, community groups, organisations and local businesses to make healthy food choices the easy choice.”

Over the coming weeks, both Tauranga City Council and Western Bay of Plenty District Council will consider what kind of role they will play in supporting the future of food in the region.

In upcoming public meetings, the discussion will focus on the future of food in the Tauranga area.

'Already, our councils are playing an important role in responding to community interest, for example, by developing the community garden policies and supporting the planting of fruit trees,” says Dana.

'I think the councils have already done great work in this area and I am excited about the opportunity to work together and with our communities to support the food movement.”

To find out more, you're invited to attend the upcoming public meetings at Tauranga City Council and Western Bay of Plenty District Council.

Tauranga City Council, Tuesday March 10 at 6.30pm, Tauranga RSA, 1237 Cameron Road, Tauranga.

Western Bay of Plenty District Council, Thursday March 19 at 11.00am, Council chambers, 1484 Cameron Road, Tauranga.

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