Hindu temple build to start

Tauranga’s first Hindu temple is expected to be open to the community in May or June, says Sanatan Dharam Trust spokesman Kuldip Kumar.

The Bay’s Hindu community has obtained building consent, with construction of the two-storied concrete block building expected to begin next week.

The 250m2 building will be built in a single storey at first, with the mezzanine added later as and when the community can afford it, says Kuldip.

“Once we have a temple we can tell the new generation about our religion,” he says.

“Not everyone knows about the religion, but once we have a priest there everyone can get together and the priest can explain.”

The nearest Hindu temples are currently in Hamilton and Auckland.

Sanatan Dharam Mandir has operated out of a shed on the Whiore Avenue site since 2012, and has catered for up to around 250 people.

Trust member Mohan Sailly says Hindu is the latest name for the oldest religion in India, a faith that pre-dates Buddhism, Jainism, the Sikhs and the Hare Krishnas. It does not have a human founder.

Sanatana Dharma means ‘Eternal or Universal Righteousness’ and is the original name of what is now popularly called Hinduism or Hindu Dharma.

Donations for the construction can be made to the Sanatan Dharam Trust via bank number: 060433-0509777-00 (ANZ).

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