Putting an end to domestic violence

Tauranga men and women are being encouraged to stand together and say no to domestic violence as people gear up for the annual tug-o-war challenge next Friday.

Children are present in the majority of domestic violence cases.

The challenge on November 28 at Fraser Cove is to promote the anti-violence campaign White Ribbon in a bid to stop domestic abuse.

Tauranga Police attend around 70 incidents of domestic violence a week - a statistic the Tauranga Moana Abuse Prevention group says is “way too high”.

BOP Family Works co-ordinator Heather Beddie says the 70 cases reported to police a week are only a percentage of what is really happening.

“That’s 70 women and their respective children that are being hurt in some way under the banner of family violence.

“If we take that right across New Zealand, we have just as big an issue nationally as we do locally. It’s everywhere, one in three of our women are being affected by domestic violence.”

Heather believes meetings like the one at Hillier Centre today are important for people to come together to discuss the issue and start to “dig down deeper” about what can be done to stop it.

“There is no one easy fix.”

Heather adds children are almost always present during the majority of family violence.

“Most family violence is not reported to agencies. NZ Police estimate they see only 18 per cent of all violence within homes.

“No one should be frightened of someone in their family.”

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Posted on 17-11-2014 07:07 | By Wise Chief

The enormous stress today to comply with an enormous amount of laws-bylaws new social requirements via playschools, schools, work etc and living day to day under the threat of having ones children taken off, or losing ones home, one’s partner, getting sick, loss of means of transport. job,inability to pay bills due to crushing poverty etc all of which are the conditions imposed via enforced poverty courtesy of the selfish complaining 2% rich who as we NOW know OWN some 85% of all wealth here in NZ the Gov the rest and who are not Maori and do not share their wealth with anyone.Topping this we have full blown armed aggressive Police State seeking to kill anyone who gets out of line. The terror of someone making a complaint against oneself enough to destroy whole families and kids taken by CYF’s or lose the parent forever. Nasty country today.


Posted on 16-11-2014 16:32 | By Captain Sensible

The haka which celebrates violence, rage, threats, and throat cutting gestures is "OK" but domestic violence is "not OK". Too many people confused by he mixed messages here.

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