Comedian's secret love

A Tauranga nurse has revealed her secret relationship with comedian Ewen Gilmour, who passed away this week.

Bernadette McKinley, 37, this week revealed on social media the secret love between herself and the 51-year-old. The pair were apparently making plans for a bright future.

The mother-of-one and Ewen shared a very special but private relationship of about six months before he died on Friday.

She posted a photograph of Ewen and his dog Rupert the Third on her Facebook page in tribute of her former partner. Since then, messages of love and support for the mother have poured in.

“The whole of New Zealand is grieving beside you Bernadette. So sorry for your loss of your larger than life man,” one post reads.

“My warmest sympathies to you my friend,” reads another.

Fans of the comedian have also taken to his Facebook page sharing further messages of condolences.

“A funny man gone too soon. R.I.P Ewen. Ride easy and ride free,” says a fan. “One of the greats gone to soon.”

“A clever quick witted and funny guy, a classic Kiwi comedian, gone too soon. Fly west Ewen!”

Speaking to SunLive on Friday, Ewen’s father-in-law Tauranga’s Dr David Rorke described the funny-man as “the perfect son-in-law”.

Ewen became David and his late wife Tauranga historian Jinty Rorke’s son-in-law when he married their daughter Cathy in 2003.

Sadly, Cathy was diagnosed with cancer a few years into their marriage and died in February 2011 at age 36.

A statement released by the family described Ewen as “larger than life”.

“Ewen was a much loved and cherished member of our family. He was a larger than life character and by his very nature was kind, generous and always giving of his time to those who asked for his help.

“He was at such a great stage in his life – he had so much to live for and everything was going so well for him. 

“The one comforting thought is that he is now at rest with his beloved late wife, Cathy.”

It’s reported that a private ceremony for Ewen’s family and friends is planned for next week. A public memorial will be held later on in the week.

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Did that have to be made public.......

Posted on 05-10-2014 18:21 | By Angel74

Ewen is now back with Cathy his one true love that’s whats important.

It's not private now

Posted on 05-10-2014 16:29 | By The Sage

Very sad about Ewen’s sudden passing. Obviously it was kept quiet for a reason and I feel it is low to come out and get publicity when he is not here to speak for himself.

Quid pro quo ?

Posted on 05-10-2014 14:35 | By mutley

And will there be some added rules to control the behaviour of cyclists ? How many times have I seen cyclists riding through red lights, or jumping back on the footpath and riding over pedestrian crossings. If cyclists want added respect on the road then they need to obey the same rules as other road users and not pick and choose. When I ride my bike I expect to behave as any other "motorist" but there seems to be an arrogant streak to many cyclists that indicates that they think they "own the road".


Posted on 05-10-2014 13:40 | By Mohio

Why come out now? if it was private it should have stayed that way....

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