Rusty welcomes Labour list

Tauranga labour candidate Rachael Jones high placing on Labour’s list is being cheered by independent Tauranga candidate Rusty Kane.

Rusty Kane is running as an independent in this year’s general election.

At 25 on Labour’s party list Rachael is assured of a seat in Parliament if Labour claims 32 per cent of the vote, says Rusty.

It makes voting for Rachael as a Tauranga candidate a wasted vote, says Rusty.

It means Labour voters can vote for him as the candidate as a means of toppling incumbent Simon Bridges.

“The left has to be strategic if they want to get rid of Simon now,” says Rusty.

He’s standing as the independent Tauranga candidate and wants the left wing candidacy vote.

The Greens and New Zealand First are primarily list parties, says Rusty.

Brendan Horan, who is also standing for Tauranga, is no longer independent, he’s now a member of the NZ Independent Coalition – a political party relying on the party vote, says Rusty.

It means he’s the only independent Tauranga candidate.

Rusty’s also found four policies that Labour, The Greens and NZ First will agree on; Limiting New Zealand property ownership by foreigners.

More sustainable farming, more added value exports, and raising the minimum wage.


Wasted Vote Yes and this is why ..

Posted on 28-06-2014 00:38 | By Rusty Kane

I am standing in the Tauranga electorate as an Independent to consolidate the left constituency vote for Tauranga. All centre left and left Tauranga candidates primary goal is to wave the flag for their parties list vote and not for the constituency vote, Therefore in a strong National seat like Tauranga, support for their party candidates in the constituency seat would be wasted, As none of the parties can win the seat on their own. Standing as the centre left Independent for Tauranga against the National incumbent gives all the center left and left party supporters a neutral candidate choice they can all support with their local constituency candidate vote. This is the most practical and achievable way the centre left and left supporters can unseat the National incumbent.

Not a wasted vote

Posted on 27-06-2014 21:08 | By tabatha

If people want National out and dissatisfied with Simon and vote high enough she could get in and more labour in.

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