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Council's rubbish responsibility

With March coming, I hope the glass collection bins proposed are an interim solution only and we are only hearing half the story through the media. It's a bit like the central governments where's Winnie? Where's the manager of Environmental... Read More

Charter schools a chance to succeed

Chris Hipkins' decision to scrap charter schools is nothing short of disgraceful and he is simply crawling to the teachers' union. Charter schools give children who don't fit the normal state school system a different alternative and... Read More

Credit for charter schools decision

Let's give credit where credit is due. Good on the Minister of Education and the Labour Party for taking meaningful steps to shut down the repugnant charter schools thing. Next step, get rid of the race-based total immersion schools and stop the... Read More

i-Site expenditure questioned

BOP Tourism continues to be a force unto themselves. Funded by the council, which really means the rate-paying public of Tauranga, they become very tight-lipped when asked for information regarding expenditure.  A simple request to find out... Read More

Absolutely ‘yes’

I was listening to a very well-educated man speaking on The AM Show about leadership, a very interesting topic with many questions from the panel. However, I am wondering what's happening to the modest little word ‘yes'. In the seven-minute... Read More

Little things count

Thanks to the ladies and gentleman playing guitars and ukuleles recently to farewell passengers from the Sun Princess. It is the little things that count and people on the ship will fondly remember their friendly send-off. Good PR for Tauranga. C... Read More

Who is going to pay?

I read Mr Bridge's article in last week's Weekend Sun (February 9). I am a pensioner and tax cuts would be welcome. But more welcome would be efficient hospitals, more hospitals, more staff; doctors and nurses. The ones we have are grossly... Read More

TECT proposal ‘rip-off’

TECT Board of Trustees propose to wind up TECT in 2022 by bribing all Trustpower consumers with a one-off lump sum payment of $2500, plus five more years of TECT dividends, then transfer the TECT shares held in trust in Trustpower for consumers to an... Read More

Smoke-screening from Trustpower

Trustpower is engaging in a little smoke-screening. If we say yes to TECT we potentially lose $29,000 over the next 55 years. Could it be true? I am 72 years old and am not going to make another 55 years! Younger people are much more mobile, changing... Read More

A community asset, not a customer asset

The recent announcement from TECT appears to have caused loss in value of its share investment in Trustpower. For obvious reasons, the announcement (not yet confirmed) has sent shudders through the share market as the price/share plummets. Perhaps the... Read More

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