Stand up for your share

It may seem like a serious problem for the kiwifruit industry, but come on, why would you want to work for low wages, or want to carry others who have never seen a kiwifruit, or work for an industry who can send you home after waiting for fruit to dry...... Read More

A ‘sneaky flip-flop’

Tauranga City Councillor John Robson campaigned on a platform to ‘Stop the Museum’. At the TCC meeting to conclude this subject, he attempted to slightly amend the resolution to make it acceptable to more councillors. Had this passed, it would...... Read More

Limited view of race relations

People like C Humphreys and R Paterson (The Weekend Sun, June 1), and R McNair and N Mayo (The Weekend Sun, June 8) who want councillors who supported Maori wards to resign are taking a very limited view of race relations. Those councillors were simply...... Read More

Housing the homeless a priority

Perhaps the people who are pushing for a museum should take an early morning trip to the side of the river by Wairoa Bridge and see all the vehicles parked there in which people are sleeping. Finding the homeless somewhere to live should be a higher...... Read More

Chance to be eco-city ignored

I was disgusted that TCC councillors voted to institute a one-size-fits-all rubbish and recycling system (page 3, The Weekend Sun, June 8). Rather than “… minimising the rubbish trucked from Tauranga to the Waikato landfill …”,...... Read More

Generalisations and other stuff

I like to vote for whoever makes the most sense at the time of the election so I voted for Labour this time. Consequently when I started reading RR’s Jacinderella column I was immediately on the defensive. But that man is clever and funny! Keep...... Read More

Headless chooks and salted wounds

The annual fiasco at TCC continues, with rampant spending. And so the outrageous rort upon Tauranga ratepayers continues unabated, regardless of genuine, well-considered and obvious concerns presented to councillors over the last month by many citizens. Amazingly,...... Read More

Support our people

New Zealand First has contributed to its own demise by giving $1 billion to boost Pacific aid. Charity begins at home, and any political party that does not understand that should, and will disappear. John Campbell some time ago asked the Samoan Prime...... Read More

Do the honourable thing

As the lead petitioner in the recent Western Bay of Plenty District Council petition against the council’s decision to have separate Maori wards I would also like to add my voice to the growing number who are calling for the Mayor and councillors...... Read More

Opera House attracts talent

Followers of the recent exchange about (the lack of?) culture in Tauranga may be interested in the fact that over 100 years ago there were international artists performing in the Tauranga Opera House. Taken from the Bay of Plenty Times, 28 July 1915: ‘The...... Read More

Opinion Poll

Should schools be able to fine parents for parking illegally?

Yes, schools should have the right to fine those putting children in danger.
No, it should be left for police to handle.