Colourful opening for fuel tank

Towering at 15metres high and weighing it at 254tonnes, Terminal NZ's Mount Maunganui multi-million dollar storage tank holds enough fuel to power the average car for 7400 years.

The new 10.6million litre, multi-million dollar storage tank, freshly painted with a unique energy themed mural, was officially opened by Minister of Energy and Resources and Tauranga MP Simon Bridges today.

Minister for Energy and Resources Simon Bridges adds the final touches to the tank while Cut Collective artist Ross Liew watches on. Photos by Tracy Hardy.

In front of about 40 people, including Courts Minister Chester Burrows, Simon opened the tank by spray painting the final teardrop in the brightly coloured mural.

Terminal New Zealand general manager Dave Bodger says the new tank takes on-site storage capacity to 88million litres, with six tanks above the 10million litre mark – the third largest facility of its type in New Zealand.

'It's a natural evolution of the growth in Terminal's business, and a proud moment for all involved in this family owned business, to reflect on 15 years in New Zealand and the many milestones that have been achieved.

'The Port of Tauranga is a great place to be bringing in fuel and it's good to move forward. It's a substantial investment in New Zealand's infrastructure.”

Simon echoed Dave's words saying the region is a great place to do business and its pleasing to see a 'can do attitude”.

'What this represents is real confidence in the economy. I certainly feel confident for this region and the economy,” says Simon.

With its characteristically large proportions, the newly opened tank has the same capacity as four Olympic-sized swimming pools of fuel – ramping the company's capacity above 80 million litres.

The storage tank sets itself apart with a stunning and enormous piece of street art which has been painted on the Hewletts Road side of the tank by Auckland artists Cut Collective.

Created across four days and nights with more than 200 spray cans, the artwork is a multi-coloured 15metre high, 30metre wide stand out feature, the first of its kind in the industrial area looking to explore ideas around the company's use of energy, both in creation and consumption.

Cut Collective artist Ross Liew says the artwork is the biggest piece of work they have ever completed by a longshot.

After overcoming the 'awe factor” of a canvas this size, the four artists completed the mural which explores ideas around the company's use of energy, both in creation and consumption.

'Staring down at an A3 piece of paper is a bit different from the side of the tank.

'It represents youth and the idea of energy.”

Ross says the group now aim to continue setting the bar higher in street art by convincing future businesses to let them 'spray paint the side of their building.”

Dave is pleased with the final outcome after wanting something 'a wee bit different” on Hewletts Road.

'We are all aware of the complex relationship we have with energy use in its many forms and applications, and that adopting a forward thinking position towards that should be encouraged and promoted.”

'We want to do something completely different and unexpected and special for the community with the new tank, and give the newest tank an extreme makeover.”

Minister for Energy and Resources Simon Bridges, Cut Collective artist Ross Liew, Courts Minister Chester Burrows and Terminals NZ general manager Dave Bodger.

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Appropriate role

Posted on 19-04-2013 12:08 | By penguin

Simon Bridges has finally found his true calling...


Posted on 19-04-2013 15:56 | By snowdrop

Amazing footage of the tank being constructed.

Just what we need

Posted on 21-04-2013 12:55 | By MissCDub

This piece of art is exactly what we need. Amazing ORIGINAL art work around tauranga. Thought provoking and made just for us.

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