ACDC rocker's restaurant reopens

AC/DC drummer Phil Rudd's harbour view restaurant will reopen today after closing in July last year.

The Tauranga Bridge Marina restaurant owned by the rocker has undergone a 'menu makeover” since closing in winter.

Phil's Place will reopen today after closing for the last nine months.

Under the direction of a new head chef yet to be named, who has spent the last decade in Europe, the food is described as 'eclectic fare” featuring influences from Europe, North Africa, Asia and the Pacific Rim.

Phil told SunLive changes to the restaurant have been many months in the planning.

'Dishes are bursting with clean and exquisite flavours with an emphasis on freshness.”

The restaurant will now be open for lunch and dinner and breakfast on Saturdays and Sundays, and Phil says it is the perfect place to come and enjoy two favourites – 'Classic bacon and eggs” or 'Breaking the fast Hash”, overlooking the marina.

He hopes it will also become a local hot spot for patrons who simply want to pop in for a relaxing drink.

The restaurant retains its advanced sound system and features Phil's sonor drum kit on the mezzanine floor.

Phil, who purchased the restaurant in August 2011, has retained its moody feel with black suede chairs giving it that rock star feel.

Phil's Place also caters for weddings and special occasions, and features an alfresco dining area.

Its promotional statement says 'so whether you're looking for a chic restaurant, a hip bar, or a late night see-and-be-seen hot spot, Phil's Place caters for everyone.

The interior of Phil's Place. Photo:


Time will tell

Posted on 10-04-2013 08:09 | By The Sage

I hope it is run in a more professional manner than it was before. I will be waiting to hear reviews from someone I know, before going. You can't just close a restaurant, with no warning, not honouring bookings, then expect to open again and act like it hasn't happened. Good luck to him.

Who really cares

Posted on 10-04-2013 08:57 | By Colleen Spiro

when you take bookings, confirm them, people turn up for dinner, no one is there....who would bother! OMGoodness "or a late night See and be seen", are there people like that in Tga, I guess the answer is Yes.

Hell's Bell's

Posted on 10-04-2013 12:37 | By Unhappy

I just rang "Phils Place" to see if they will honour the Gift Voucher I was given last time they were open, oh how fast they were to say "it's a whole new Management, you need to ring someone else!" So they appear to have opened with the same arrogant attitude they had closed with! Come on Phil, step up and sort this out!

Basic Tucker

Posted on 10-04-2013 13:13 | By Wisefrog

It was with interest that I read the article, and just trust and hope that there is a restaurant that will serve basic food, not all "yuppie fied" over the top frills at exaggerated prices! It is getting harder and harder to find a place that will serve good kiwi man's tucker, not all men like the frills, the option MUST be there for every punter, not just the yuppies!


Posted on 10-04-2013 14:05 | By traceybjammet

everybody deserves a second chance even bad-mannered drummers I guess if it gives a few locals jobs then that's a good start


Posted on 10-04-2013 15:20 | By donmac

Ingnore the knockers, Phil. Hope you will be there tonight - I will!

Phils Place

Posted on 10-04-2013 15:53 | By Mrs J

I was lucky enough to celebrate my birthday with dinner at Phils Place last year.I couldn't fault the service, the food, the drinks or anything.The decor was gorgeous, dripping with rock star coolness and ambience. It was perfect in every way. Well worth the money, and the experience.I will definitely be trying out the new menu.

Amazing missed the whole summer now catering for the winter trade- how nice !!

Posted on 10-04-2013 15:57 | By RORTSCAM

Closed for 9months for a menu makeover and a few days titivation - you have to be joking there must be more to it than that surely.Anyone want to elaborate.

Yee of little Faith

Posted on 10-04-2013 17:15 | By Tony

Jo and Penny will make the place ROCK Throw Rudd in.....This will work this time


Posted on 10-04-2013 18:37 | By The Sage

Why is he getting free advertising on Sunlive? Doesn't sound like much has changed if staff can't agree to honour a Gift Voucher. Unbelievable, staff should be well trained up in this. This is the difference between someone who has a business for a hobby and someone who has a business for a living. I state my case.


Posted on 11-04-2013 12:03 | By never learn

Dishonored vouchers?? Oh My Phil dont you realise that your customers are what makes you!! Being famous for one thing so doesnt define you when it comes to a kiwi and his tukka! hahaha! Do the right thing mate honor these dinner vouchers and you just might make it in this unforgiving town.

9 months menu makeover?

Posted on 11-04-2013 21:57 | By PLONKER

I just can not figure that, just a bit of paper, really the issue would seem to be nothing to do with the refurb as such because nothing in the photo is different? Perhaps Phil need to get his boat back first so as there were enough supplies available.

Needs more than just a make-over

Posted on 12-04-2013 21:44 | By cherry66

I heard Phil was awful(I'm as I say) to work for and just walked in one day and sacked everyone. If the boss doesn't do a good job with the staff, the staff won't do their job. Lets hope he has learnt how to treat his staff this time.

Lets hope

Posted on 14-04-2013 13:51 | By waiknot

Phils Place good or bad can't survive if the owner sacks every staff member without warning, and then closes for 9 months. That's the risk you take working at someones hobby.

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