Children receive B4 school health checks

More children having B4 school health checks

The government wants Kiwi kids to have the best start at school through a B4 School Check.

Over 158,000 four year olds have received a free health and development check before starting school – 33,000 of them in the past eight months.

“Nearly 80 per cent of four year old children, including more than 82 per cent of children from low income families, received a B4 School Check last year,” says Health Minister Tony Ryall.

“This is a significant improvement from a few years ago when only around half of four year old children had received a B4 School Check.

“What’s even more pleasing is how these checks are making a real difference to children and their families.

“For example, I’ve been told about one little boy who was having trouble with his asthma. The nurse referred the family to the Asthma Society for support and the child’s asthma is now being controlled much better,” says Mr Ryall.

The B4 school check is an opportunity to spot any hearing, eyesight, behavioural, physical or learning development issues that might hinder a child from learning when they start school. Children are referred to a GP, specialist or other services for further help and support if required.

The Government invests just over $9 million each year to provide free B4 School Checks for all four year old children.

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Posted on 12-04-2013 10:10 | By Roslyn

Medication would be a very rare outcome of the B4 School Check. Health education - mostly dietary and oral health care are the major outcomes.


Posted on 06-04-2013 12:24 | By Kiwimon

Or just another govt supported scheme to get more and younger kids on to pharmaceutical drugs to help fill their mates(Big Pharma)coffers? How about checking their nutritional status and offer healthy food cooking classes and supplements to the families instead? Oh no, that’s right, that’s in the "too hard basket"!

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