Minor injuries in SH2 crash

Traffic delays on SH2 following the two-vehicle crash near Gill Lane. Supplied photo.

UPDATE 8.36AM: Only minor injuries have been reported following a crash on State Highway 2, near Te Puna.

Emergency services were called to the two-vehicle collision on SH2, near Gill Lane, between Whakamarama and Te Puna, at 7.25am.

"The crash happened between Munro Road and Gill Lane and blocked one lane," says a police spokesperson.

"Only minor injuries were reported, and the road was cleared shortly before 8.30am."


Reports are coming in a crash on State Highway 2, between Whakamarama and Te Puna.

A caller to the 0800 SUNLIVE news hotline says there is a crash on the highway near Gill Lane.

"I just snuck through the scene before firefighters arrived and started diverting traffic."

Another caller says traffic is reportedly being diverted down Munro Road.

People using the highway are advised to expect delays.

NZTA says the southbound lane of the highway is blocked.

"Expect delays in both directions until the crash scene is cleared."

SunLive has contacted police and will provide an update when we can.

 At the scene?

Call 0800 SUNLIVE or email photos to newsroom@thesun.co.nz 


A dissaster Waiting to Happen

Posted on 25-06-2024 09:20 | By Ziggaty

NZTA please take note. Just how are emergency vehicles meant to get quickly through this traffic once your center barriers are installed? Oh, how local residents and road users are hoping for logic to prevail.

just for the barrier install....

Posted on 25-06-2024 09:25 | By Megpeg

So NZTA please explain how emergency services will get past when centre barriers are installed? There isn't any room to get past those big trucks on the corner..... Meanwhile kids are late to school, others are late to work, medical appointments, flights - this list goes on!


Posted on 25-06-2024 11:58 | By GreenRidgeFarm

Once the barrier is installed there will be no way past accidents like this, you’ll be stuck between wire ropes waiting for it to be cleared.. let alone how emergency services get to the site. Absolute madness from NZTA…
It’s bad enough without barriers, barriers will just compound the problem making the road impassable

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