Rotorua police catch car thieves in the act

Three youths have been apprehended by a police public safety team after they were observed in a stolen Nissan vehicle attempting to steal a Mazda vehicle on Fenton Street in Rotorua yesterday around 2pm.

The youths in the Nissan promptly left the Mazda vehicle on Fenton Street but were spotted a short time later by police patrols.

The police units, including a dog unit team surrounded Ford Road and some nearby streets.

The dog team tracked for a short time and located three young males.

Rotorua Area Prevention Manager, Inspector Phil Gillbanks says, "A Police unit spotted the stolen vehicle traveling into Sunset Road.

“A number of Police resources were deployed quickly but safely to the area in order to apprehend these offenders and Police have recovered the stolen Nissan vehicle."

“We will not ignore this type of behaviour,” Inspector Gillbanks says.

“Incidents like this are not just a concern for the police but also for the public in that it’s invasive, frustrating and needs to stop.

“We’d like to thank members of the community who spotted the suspicious activity while it was happening and called Police straight way on 111.  We were able to get there fast thanks to the quick-thinking witnesses.

Two of the alleged offenders are aged 16, and the other is 17.

All three youths are facing charges of Unlawfully interfering with a motor vehicle and Unlawfully Takes a motor vehicle and  appeared before the Youth Court today.


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