Hunt for woman after store robbed at gunpoint

Caltex confirms their Bayfair station was involved. File photo/SunLive.

Police are looking for a woman who robbed a commercial premises in Mount Maunganui at gunpoint.

Caltex NZ confirmed their Bayfair station was involved.

“Police responded to the incident, and this is now an ongoing investigation. The site member present was not physically harmed and we are working with the Caltex retailer to provide the necessary support.”

A police spokeswoman says police received reports of a robbery on Girven Rd about 5.50am on Friday, June 21.

The woman presented a firearm inside the store before leaving with cash and other items, she said.

There are no reports of injuries.

“Police are following lines of inquiry to identify and find the alleged offender.

“If you have any information relating to this incident, please contact police via 105 or online at, clicking “Update Report” and referencing file number 240621/3201.

“Information can also be provided anonymously via Crime Stoppers on 0800 555 111.”

-Bay of Plenty Times.


So now it has come to guns.

Posted on 25-06-2024 15:10 | By morepork

There has to be a solid "push back" against this. I see a sliding scale somewhat like this:
1. Present a firearm during a robbery and you will be jailed. (minimum to be decided by Judge or jury but not less than 1 year.)
2. Discharge a firearm and the sentence increases by 25%.
3. Hit someone with a firearm and the sentence increases by mandatory 50%
4. Wound or kill somebody with a firearm and you are toast; you will face the full weight of the Law with mandatory imprisonment for 10 years minimum.
In all of the above, Judges would not be empowered to lessen the mandatory sentences described. They could increase them at their discretion.
It is time criminals woke up to the fact that NZ is NOT the Wild West or the American cities portrayed on TV/movies. OUR culture; OUR rules...


Posted on 26-06-2024 10:42 | By Justin T.

I like your thinking and the step up style of sentencing rather than step down.
However.... the starting point of presenting a gun should be Ten Years, obtaining a gun to present a gun shows intent to use gun!

@Justin T

Posted on 27-06-2024 13:25 | By morepork

Thanks for your supportive post. (I do feel lonely here sometimes... :-)) I was outlining a principle so I left the start point for others (judges? legislators?) to decide. Ten years because you showed somebody a gun, seems a bit harsh to me, but I completely agree with you that we need to get serious about criminal use of firearms, and maybe very harsh sentences can bring that message.

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