Tauranga City Council election hopefuls confirmed

Tauranga will choose who will be running their city on July 20. Photo: Supplied

Tauranga will soon have its say on who will be running their city for the first time in nearly five years.

Candidates for the Tauranga City Council election have been announced after nominations closed at midday Friday.

Fifteen hopefuls are vying the for mayoralty, with the election on July 20.

Electoral officer Warwick Lampp says there are 86 candidates in total .

This year’s election will be under a new governance model with a mayor and nine councillors to be elected.

Candidates will be standing in the eight local wards and the Māori ward, Te Awanui.

Some mayoral candidates are also standing in the local wards.

It will also be the first time the city has had a Māori ward, which will cover the entire city.

People enrolled to vote on the Maori electoral role will be able to vote for a candidate in this ward as well as the mayor.

Voters on the general role will vote for a candidate in their local ward plus the mayor.

Special voting begins on June 20 and will close at midday on July 20.

How did we get here?

The council elected in 2019 were discharged of their duties in late 2020 by then Local Government Minister Nania Mahuta because of infighting and significant governance issues.

The four person commission lead by Anne Tolley took over in 2021. Mahuta extended the commission’s term in 2022, until July this year.

Tauranga’s election is out of sync with the council election cycle so the new mayor and councillors will have a four-year term ending in 2028, rather than the usual three-year term.

Some of the Tauranga mayoralty candidates from top to bottom: Tanya Bamford-King, Mahē Drysdale, Anthony Goddard, Ria Hall, Tim Maltby, Douglas Owens, Tina Sailsbury, John Robson, Greg Brownless Photos / NZME and Supplied.

What do we know about the mayoral candidates?

Olympic rowing gold medallist Mahé Drysdale wants Tauranga to be known as “New Zealand’s best small city”.

The financial advisor lives in Cambridge but grew up in Tauranga and said he wants the city to fulfil its potential.

Born and raised in Tauranga, singer Ria Hall was the first to officially put her hat in the ring for mayor. If elected Hall says she will bring her energy to the role and focus on infrastructure, transport, environment and creating a more connected, cohesive society. She is also running in the Pāpāmoa ward.

Former deputy mayor Tina Salisbury says the city needs to move forward and it needs decisive leadership. Her priorities include addressing the housing shortage, building a connected city through transport and infrastructure, and fostering collaboration.

Greg Brownless, who was mayor from 2016-2019, says he will bring experienced leadership along with business skills and a community heart to get Tauranga moving forward responsibly.

He says he's done the hard-learning and can effectively begin the mayoral role immediately.

Former Bay of Plenty Regional Councillor Doug Owens says his vision is deeply rooted in a commitment to his hometown. If elected he will “review the current operations and the work completed and planned by the commissioners and council management.”

Former councillor John Robson retired at 40 after an international management consulting career. He was first elected to council in 2013 serving a term, then won a by-election in 2018 and was elected again in 2019. He says: “Until we elect a council capable of, and committed to, developing a strategic, sustainable, and fully funded plan, growth will continue to blight rather than benefit Tauranga”.

Candidates for the 2024 Tauranga City Council election:

Tanya Bamford-King
Aureliu Braguta
Greg Brownless
Andrew Caie
Mahé Drysdale
Anthony Goddard
Chudleigh Haggett
Ria Hall
Donna Hannah
Hori BOP
Tim Maltby
Jos Nagels
Douglas Owens
John Robson
Tina Salisbury

Te Awanui Ward
Suaree Borell
Ashley Hillis
Mikaere Sydney

Arataki Ward
Sarah-Jane Bourne
Rick Curach
Anthony Goddard
Teresa Killian
Adrienne Pierce
Kim Renshaw
Jeroen Van der Beek
Andrea Webster
Harris Williams
Mike Williams

Bethlehem Ward
Charlene Apaapa
Shelley Archibald
Felicity Auva’a
Darren Gilchrist
Gerry Hodgson
Jos Nagels
Bevan Rakoia
John Robson
Kevin Schuler

Matua-Ōtūmoetai Ward
Tanya Bamford-King
Ronald Chamberlain
Glen Crowther
Suzie Edmonds
Cam Holden
Jim McKinlay
Basie Pikimaui
Ken Patterson
Tenby Powell
Kim Pritchard
Mike Rayner
Zach Reeder
David Tank
David Webb

Mauao/Mount Maunganui Ward
Heidi Hughes
Garth Mathieson
Teresa Nichols
Michael O'Neill
Jacqueline Pointon
Jen Scoular
Peter Stanley

Pāpāmoa Ward
Bryan Archer
John Bowden
Phillip Coleman
Ria Hall
Tim Maltby
Steve Morris
Maaka Nelson
Craig Purcell
Shelley Robb

Te Papa Ward
Andrew Caie
Mark Decke
Chudleigh Haggett
Reihana Marx
Terry Molloy
Jim Smith
Abraham van Berkel
Rod Taylor
Barbara Turley

Murray Guy
Larry Baldock
Marten Rozeboom
Stephen Wheeler

Welcome Bay
Hautapu Baker
Aureliu Braguta
Ethan Brinkman
Robert Coe
Donna Hannah
Cameron Templer

Key election dates:

May 24: Nominations for candidates closed
June 29-July 3: Voting papers delivered
June 29: Special voting begins
July 17: Last day to post your voting form
July 19: Last day to enrol and be able to vote
July 20: Election day, voting closes at 12pm
July 20: Preliminary results announced
July 23-25: Final results due

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Please no

Posted on 24-05-2024 19:01 | By Informed

So all the old lot are putting their hats in the ring. And even worse the toxic lot from the council before.

To informed

Posted on 25-05-2024 13:17 | By VAN DER BEEK Jeroen

You are correct, however have a look there are few of us running who have never served on council before.


Posted on 25-05-2024 15:02 | By Inmediasres

Right, now that we're here, I sure hope we're going to get more detail from each candidate before voting starts.

All we have so far is waffle full of buzz words. No meat in them.

I hope there's a set list of questions put to all candidates so we can compare apples with apples.

Some examples might be:

- Political affiliation
- Donations from affiliated parties and groups.
- Housing
- Transport
- Climate change
- The commissioners
- The CBD projects
- The stadium proposal
- Three waters
- City Deals
- Co-Governance
- Their vision for the city. What do the want to see by 2050.

I'm sure there's plenty more but that's my initial thoughts.

There are some excellent candidates here.

Posted on 25-05-2024 15:56 | By morepork

Anne Tolley said "special" people were required and implied that "ordinary" citizens were unable to do the job. (Never mind the "job" that her and her "special people" were doing...). I see people in the published lists who don't think they are "special" but who genuinely want to serve Tauranga and help it recover. Yes, there are some "old faces" (let's hope they have learned from the past 4 years...), but there are also new people and some people who have made a name in other fields of endeavour. We have a good mix and I wish all of them well in the contest.
To the candidates:
Leave your ego at the door, let the welfare of the city override that of ANY vested interests, and treasure and respect your responsibility to manage OPM.
To the voters:
We have a CHOICE. Be sure to VOTE!


Posted on 25-05-2024 23:29 | By All4it

Where can I cross reference the ones to avoid, wanting to go straight back to their old ways?

enter the spendthrifts!

Posted on 26-05-2024 08:58 | By Don Twori

far to many mayoral candidates who must be renters or big business owners who can deduct their rates from their tax bill, saying they want to hit the ratepayers hard and spend their way out of all the city's issues. No thanks, seen enough of that sort of thinking, which is why the city's interest bill is where it is.


Posted on 26-05-2024 12:45 | By nerak

So, I guess you will have your hat in the ring, preventing at least one of the toxic lot from getting in...


Posted on 26-05-2024 12:54 | By KiwiDerek

Having never served on council do you consider lack of experience a positive thing?


Posted on 27-05-2024 13:18 | By morepork

Generally, it is a good thing to have some experience in a field of endeavour before applying for a new job in that field. But, not always... For example, managing and working on diverse teams of people successfully, can cross-credit to working as a Mayor or Councillor. Having specific skills which are needed in the Civic Administration, can also be a plus. Experience can be a two-edged sword. You may have decided that a certain style is the only way (based on your past experience) and so you are resistant to new approaches, and possibly better ways of doing things. I wouldn't rule out any of the candidates because they HAVEN'T served before; neither would I rule out candidates who HAVE served before, PROVIDED they show the right attitude and have learned from their mistakes.

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