Decorative pavers and cycle rails on Cameron Road

New cycle hold rail (right), seating, and interpretive panel between Eighth Avenue and Ninth Avenue on Cameron Road (west). Decorative pavers also can also be seen on the ground. Photo: Tauranga City Council

The Cameron Road Joint Venture team is continuing with jobs to tidy up the Cameron Road corridor this week.

This includes the installation of cycle hold rails for cyclists to lock their bikes to, and the installation of decorative pavers between Fifteenth Avenue and Sixteenth Avenue, and between Eight Avenue and Seventh Avenue, near Sands Bakery.
The installation of freshly powder-coated cycle and walking markers along the shared path is also now underway and will continue into the coming week.
Line marking will continue at nights from 6pm to 6am on the shared path and cycleway along the corridor where required.
Site investigation works - Cameron Road Stage 2
Investigation of underground services along Cameron Road, from 17th Avenue to Maleme Street in Greerton, and along Pyes Pa Road between Havenbrook Way and Cheyne Road, will continue until June 2024.

Most work will be off-road and any work within the road itself will be done at night to minimise disruption. Lane closures are not expected however investigations will be undertaken at approximately 10-15km per hour, so traffic management may be required around the slow-moving survey vehicle.

The work involves using ground penetrating radar to locate underground services such as pipes, cables and equipment associated with electricity, gas, water and telecommunications. It is expected to have minimal noise impact.

This work helps to direct physical investigation works such as potholing and minimises the need for multiple holes to be dug up along the road. The information gathered will be used to inform the future design of infrastructure underneath Cameron Road.

The work on the footpaths and verges will be undertaken using a push buggy that will be walked over these locations. This is a quiet method to detect utilities in areas where traffic management is not required and should have minimal disruption to path users who should be able to navigate around the surveyors.


Please Drop Penny

Posted on 20-05-2024 07:02 | By Thats Nice

Most residents of Tauranga and outer suburbs will never get to see all this cash splashed around on these things as they don't/won't be coming to the area as there is nothing to attract them there. When will the penny drop?

Frivolous waste of money

Posted on 20-05-2024 08:12 | By Equality

What an absurd waste of money!!! Any prospective mayor will need to rein in the spending and concentrate on infrastructure - roads, water etc. NOT 'progressing' the city centre and the like!
Ratepayers are really struggling to survive and it will be criminal if we get another 'forward' thinking council who will continue foisting 'white elephant's' on us!

Stage 2 to destroy more

Posted on 20-05-2024 09:50 | By an_alias

Businesses are mostly gone....can we get a statistic on HOW MANY THEY HAVE CLOSED ALREADY with this fiasco ?
And now you want Stage 2 ?
Lets dig it all up aye


Posted on 20-05-2024 10:39 | By Alfa male

Wow, this is so awesome. So much of our money spent on wonderful stuff that will benefit very few, if any. I know who paid for it, but who will ever see it or gain benefit from it ?

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