Tauranga's lawyer of the year

Tauranga lawyer Kate Barry-Piceno has been named New Zealand’s Barrister of the Year.

More than 300 top lawyers were recognised for their service to clients, staff and communities at the 2012 New Zealand Law Awards in Auckland this week.

Tauranga lawyer Kate Barry-Piceno has been named New Zealand’s Barrister of the Year.

Kate received two awards - the Premier Barrister of the Year award and the Specialist Resource Management and Environment award.

During the last year more than 2000 clients, ranging from individuals to some of New Zealand’s biggest firms nominated and voted for their lawyers.

Now in its eighth year, the NZ Law Awards are the highlight of the New Zealand legal calendar.

Kate says the award recognises a partnership between her and her clients.

“It’s a huge honour to have got that award. In particular, the Barrister of the Year award, because that’s a premium award.

“I think it gives me feedback that I’m doing the right thing. If my clients are happy enough with me that they make the effort to write in and it means I must be on the right track in terms of dong the work that they want me to do which is really nice feedback.

“It just makes you feel invigorated to carry on and doing what you’re doing.”

Kate says she will continue doing what she loves with clients being her main drive.

“Its clients and getting good results and achieving outcomes that my clients are happy with that I feel like I have helped them in their business or helped them in their lives. That’s really the reward you get.”

This is the second time Kate has won the Resource Management and Environment Award after winning it in 2009 and placing runner-up in 2011.

“It’s about the work you do and the clients you have each year it’s kind of a fresh look at what you’re doing wrong or right.”

Kate appreciates the love and support shown by her family and is thankful for the help of her secretary Chris Jones.

“I couldn’t have done it without her.”

The Tauranga lawyer says she is proud to put Tauranga on the map.

“It means a lot to me to be able to establish a successful career on a national stage back in Tauranga because it proves that Tauranga is still a city that can provide excellence in our professional services.

“That’s really something that I’m proud of doing for all of Tauranga. As with all of the finalists, it’s a neat thing for Tauranga that we can now be seen in a national sense in terms of the services we provide.”

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