ANZAC on display

Barbara Dunn with her ANZAC collection and parents medals. Photos: Bob Tulloch.

Carmel Country Estate Village is honouring fallen and veteran ANZACs in their own special way this year.

Resident Barbara Dunn decided to pool together her own sentimental ANZAC-related items, along with items contributed from other residents, to create a touching display.

She says ANZAC Day has a special place in her heart, with strong connections to her family.

“Both of my parents served in WW2. My father in the 5th Field Ambulance, 2nd NZ Expeditionary Force. He was taken as a POW at Tobruk in 1941 and shipped to Italy.

“My mother was an Army Nurse (WAAC) in the 2nd NZ Expeditionary Force and was stationed at Helwan Army Hospital, near Cairo.

“My uncle was also killed in Egypt during WW2.”

Barbara is used to setting up an annual ANZAC display, saying it was a tradition in her home.

“I had always done a small display of photographs and medals in my own home, to honour my parents and to teach my own children the history. Then during lockdown in 2020, I did a display in my garage so that passers-by could see it.

“As a result of this, I was asked last year to do a display in the Carmel Country Estate Village Centre, and then I was asked to do it again this year.”

The display has fostered a number of conversations amongst residents, recalling their own relatives’ experiences.


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