Cost of living: Owners giving up pets

A pet owner recently gave up their pup as they were no longer able to care for them, Photo: SPCA/Facebook.

Desperate owners are resorting to giving up their pets as the cost of living continues to put pressure on households.

This has been highlighted in a post on Facebook by the SPCA.

Recently one of the organisations field officers returned to his vehicle to find a pup tethered to the back of it.

“The wee boy had been positioned on the shady side of the vehicle, with water and food provided within his reach,” says a post on the SPCA Facebook page.

“A note had been attached to the back of our vehicle asking if we could please take this pup back to SPCA and care for him, because they were no longer able to do that.

“This is the unfortunate reality for many pet owners in New Zealand, and with the cost of living crisis, it’s only becoming more common for people to have to give up their animals.

“We are grateful to this pup’s owner for making provisions to ensure he would be cared for, but saddened that someone who clearly cares for their animal had to give it up.

“Like all rescues, SPCA is struggling to keep up with the number of animals and owners needing help in our communities, but we are always here to support however we can.

“It is always, always better to reach out to us for help than to dump your animals, which will only serve to boost the stray and unwanted population.”

People wanting to get in touch with the SPCA, can do so here.


One way to help.

Posted on 08-03-2024 12:34 | By morepork

Those of us who love animals recognize the amazing, and largely unacknowledged work that the SPCA do. I was thinking about this the other day and, although, like most people at the moment, I am not exactly "rolling in it", I realize that when I'm gone, my estate will be pretty substantial. As I don't believe in an after life (and they say "you can't take it with you" anyway), after taking care of friends and family, it is appropriate that my assets should be distributed, when I no longer need them. I therefore have required a substantial sum be given to SPCA and a couple of other local charities who deserve our support. I can't do much right now, but I can in the future. Think about including SPCA in your Will; it is a good thing to do.

Cost of living

Posted on 08-03-2024 18:40 | By Come on TCC!

The current cost of living crisis has been government manufactured by increasing interest rates! The economy was going great before the reserve Bank stepped in and now people are suffering!
Lower the interest rates, mortgages drop which in return would take some pressure off rents.
Give the people their money back!

Excellent Morepork

Posted on 09-03-2024 07:04 | By Thats Nice

I too, have the SPCA charities high on my list to give to. Animals are innocent and so in need when people can't/won't look after them anymore. Good on you - very kind.

@That's Nice

Posted on 10-03-2024 17:31 | By morepork

I'm hopeful that our posts will encourage others to think about this. Throughout my life animals have been a part of it, and a willed donation is a way of paying back some of the joy and comfort that our pets unselfishly give us. Thanks for your kind comments.

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