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Prime Minister Christopher Luxon. Photo: RNZ / Angus Dreaver.

Documents reveal Associate Health Minister Casey Costello rejected compromise options on smokefree laws, and the government has announced an inquiry into school property.

Health officials offered compromise positions including a purchase age of 25, a higher cap on store numbers and less drastic cuts to nicotine levels, documents obtained by RNZ have revealed.

Meanwhile Education Minister Erica Stanford says schools with immediate roll pressures could see their property projects go ahead, but some may need to be redesigned.

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Tough on crime but not health

Posted on 27-02-2024 09:53 | By OG-2024

Nationals move to throw out the smokefree legislation AGAINST majority population wishes is short sighted and dangerous.
The increase in medical costs from continuing the sale of tobacco and associated products will far outweigh the benefits from taxation of the same!
National want to be tough on crime, they say allowing smoking will reduce crime. UMM hello, that just leaves those items in businesses attracting crime!
Get those products out of NZ and they wont be there to be targeted, or don't you trust our Border agencies to do their jobs??
Support the police to focus on retail crime, Life changing crimes, and deal with gang insignia as and when you catch them offending would be a far more practical approach!
Removing tobacco and associated items will be a LOT easier than removing gang insignia and do far more for the health of Kiwis!

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