Broken down truck blocking Hewletts Road

Truck has broken down causing blockage on Hewletts Road. File Photo.

Hewletts Road is being blocked off by a truck.

A truck has broken down on Hewletts Road by the intersection to Totara Street.

The Truck is blocking the road and causing a build up of traffic.

Google Maps is showing severe traffic congestion around the area and along the State Highway 2 bridge.


The truck has been removed and traffic is slowly returning to normal.

Google Maps are showing there is still heavy traffic.

Expect delays.

At the scene?

Call 0800 SUNLIVE or email photos to

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Empty bus lanes?

Posted on 08-12-2023 08:44 | By Tga Citizen

If an accident causes traffic delays, why not allow the traffic to use the empty bus lanes to keep the traffic flowing. Most of the time the bus lanes are not used, except for the occasional bus, sometimes with a passenger in it.


Posted on 09-12-2023 12:15 | By hexsayer

the company should be held liable for truck breakdowns on arterial roads imo

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