ROAR Pet Food king of the Most Trusted jungle

The victorious ROAR Pet Food team in their Birch Ave store. Photo: John Borren.

Delivering the best diet for pets that nature has to offer has seen Tauranga’s ROAR Pet Food scoop the Overall Nationwide Winner title in the 2023 Most Trusted Business Awards.

The Tauranga-based company is among a raft of local businesses named winners in the 2023 Most Trusted Business Awards, with the Overall Most Trusted Runners-up being from Christchurch – Plumb Right Ltd.

Organisers say The Most Trusted Business Awards 2023 are based on 2437 eligible New Zealand businesses and 4763 reviews submitted by the New Zealand public.

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“All eligible businesses and all votes/reviews are publicly viewable on the Most Trusted Business database website at: to ensure complete transparency.

Website visitors can click each on company name to view each category winner’s reviews and votes received by the public that resulted in each award. “Each vote/review was independently approved by the Most Trusted team to ensure quality/honesty.”

For ROAR Pet Food – they are also king of the jungle in three other categories in the 2023 award – named Most Trusted 2023 Tauranga Regional Winner, 2023 Nationwide Brand for Natural Pet Food Online, and the 2023 Industry Awards’ Most Trusted Natural Pet Food Online Store NZ-wide.

ROAR’s processing manager Luke Nuttall says winning the four awards is “absolutely amazing” and “shows that everyone is seeing the benefits of feeding our all-natural products”.

Now situated at 116 Birch Ave in Judea, ROAR Pet Food began 11 years ago – growing from a small-scale family business started by Luke’s mum Kim to a team of nine animal-lovers who just want the best for our furry friends.

“For us, we do absolutely everything the natural way – we have no nasty stuff in our pet foods. Everything is human grade – we’re the only pet food company that provides a full dietary meal in each product. So any one of the ROAR blends is nutritionally sound,” says Luke.

ROAR can also create customised blends for a pet’s particular issue. “If a customer comes to me and their dog has itchy skin and they’ve tried all sorts of remedies and been to the vets, I will provide an all-natural customised product,” says Luke, who is happy to share his raw feeding knowledge with customers.

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“Our products can get on top of skin, diet and digestion issues that are popping up more regularly. “The product really speaks for itself.”

Operating six days weekly, ROAR produces a large amount of product, which is sold via their Birch Ave shop in Tauranga, their online store and stockists throughout NZ.

“My fantastic team and I are dedicated to delivering the best diet for your pets that nature has to offer. We ensure your furry friends are getting the very best – we get all blends tested offsite to ensure our products fulfil requirements for a well-balanced diet.

“Here at ROAR we’re extremely passionate about doing the best for your pets – and winning these awards really means a great deal to us. From the ROAR family – a massive thank you to all of our amazing customers.”

Check out ROAR Pet Food online.

View the 2023 Most Trusted Business Awards list here.


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