'Party vote Ken': ACT election sign vandalised

The sign has been spotted on Cambridge Road near SH29 in Tauriko. Photo: Supplied/SunLive.

Is he really just Ken, or is he David Seymour? Tauranga motorists are speaking out about a mysterious Barbie inspired election sign spotted on Cambridge Road near State Highway 29 this afternoon.

The person responsible remains a mystery, but one reader told SunLive they “saw someone in a hoodie” vandalising the sign as they were driving to work.

“I pulled over and thought I’d take a shot of it. It’s actually quite impressive when you look at it,” says the reader.

“I reckon [Seymour] should dye his hair and run with it for the rest of the election. The people have spoken.”

'Ken' in all his glory. Photo: Supplied/SunLive.

The sign may be pink, bright and brimming with ‘Kenergy’, but SunLive reached out to 'the man behind the tan' to see what he made of it all.

"I love it. It’s more than Kenough,” says ACT Party leader David Seymour.

In fact, Seymour loves it so much, he doesn’t plan on fixing it before the election.

“It’s one piece of vandalism we’re definitely leaving up for the campaign."



Posted on 14-09-2023 11:58 | By morepork

I like the policies of ACT and will probably vote for them, but I have had some reservations about David Seymour. (I have even more reservations about Hipkins and Luxon...). I am totally impressed by Seymour's reaction to this. He obviously is not so pompous that he would react angrily to what is actually an amusing take on the whole business of Kiwi politics. It would be good to have a leader with a sense of humour and, even though David Seymour is unlikely to be elected PM, he has risen significantly in my estimation over his handling of this.

OK, but not OK

Posted on 15-09-2023 09:39 | By Alzo

Nothing wrong with a bit of fun....BUT -
In relation to leaving it up for the rest of the campaign, it's not OK. No permission has been sought from the copyright holder, Mattel. Even though ACT isn't responsible for doing this, they also can't just take advantage of it to flout copyright.
There was an issue with National v copyright just the other week, wasn't there?

Oh Alzo.....

Posted on 16-09-2023 21:05 | By groutby

.....when was the last time you actually had fun and laughed at something?....don't worry it will all be over soon and hopefully we can all be allowed our sense of humour back again..........

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