Diane Martin honoured for community service

Diane Martin, JP, of Katikati. Photo: Merle Cave.

Katikati resident and local JP Diane Martin has been awarded The Queen's Service Medal for services to the community.

For more than 40 years, Diane has been actively contributing to community initiatives in the Bay of Plenty region.

On the day SunLive contacted Diane, her husband Peter answered the phone.

'She's at the Katikati Police Station,” says Peter.

It wasn't even 9am, and he wasn't expecting her home from the station until the end of the day.

Unsurprisingly, amongst the long list of community activities Diane has participated in and does participate in, she has been fulfilling her role as a volunteer at Katikati Police Station since 2012.

I enjoy my work at the police station helping with some inquires,' says Diane. 'I became a JP when I watched the police get interrupted in their work to sign various documents which can be done by a JP.

'I enjoy the work of a JP as I am able to help people who need to have official documents signed and verified.”

Diane was also part of Tauranga Moana Police Victim support serving 13 years.

Diane Martin, JP, of Katikati. Photo: Merle Cave.

She recalls when she first became involved with St Johns Ambulance.

'I joined St John because Steve Goodrick who was the St John Superintendent that I went to for advice after both sons had accidents that required stitches - he told me to come and do a St John first aid course in October 1977, and 13 years later I was still there as Superintendent myself.”

Her citation for the Queen's Service Medal notes that Diane was a volunteer ambulance driver for St Johns Ambulance from 1977 to 1991. She trained as an ambulance officer/paramedic in 1985 and was a Secretary and Superintendent in the adult and youth divisions of the Order of St John for several years.

Local sports clubs also have received her invaluable input.

She has been involved with the Katikati Rugby and Sports club for 22 years, holding various roles, including Secretary to the Senior Rugby Club from 1981 to 1995. She was Club President and Ladies Patron in 2010.

'I got involved with various clubs that my children took part in and felt that rather just being a "sideline spectator" I joined the other parents to help organize any projects.”

She was a committee member of the Katikati Athletics club for four years, helping to organise the Bay Wide Championship for competitors aged six to sixteen years.

'I was part of the committee who signed the amalgamation of the KK Rugby Club and other sport Clubs, becoming the KK Rugby and Sports Club.”

For several years, Diane was a Plunket committee member in Mananui, Kihikihi and Katikati, serving as Plunket President in Kihikihi and Katikati.

Since her retirement in 2012, Diane has been involved in numerous community initiatives including Katikati Archives, the town's heritage museum and Katikati Neighbourhood Support.

An active participant in the life of the Katikati community, she has also held various positions with the Katikati A&P Society between 1979 and 2003, and served as President of the Katikati RSA and Citizens Club for three and a half years.

'I was part of the Katikati Agricultural & Pastoral Society in that I helped in the Home Industries for some years working with the C W I ladies and was head Steward from1992 to 2003.”

Diane acknowledges the support of her family during all her volunteer work.

'I was able to do this with the full support of my husband Peter and our three Martin children, Donald , Rodger and Lorenda.”

The New Zealand Royal Honours system provides a way for New Zealand to thank and congratulate people who have served their communities and to recognise people's achievements.

Anyone can nominate anyone for a New Zealand Royal Honour. There are three Orders in the New Zealand honours system: The Order of New Zealand; the New Zealand Order of Merit; and The Queen's Service Order.

The honours system also includes various medals, such as the Queen's Service Medal, the Antarctic Medal, and the New Zealand Distinguished Service Decoration.


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