Robbers smash and grab jewellery at Bayfair

VIDEO: Three robbers smashed their way through cabinets to seize jewellery from the Michael Hill store at Bayfair Shopping Centre on Sunday evening. Video/Photos: Sunlive/Supplied.

Three people have smashed their way through glass cabinets at a Bayfair Shopping Centre jewellery store in a robbery that has shocked bystanders.

Within about 90 seconds the robbers had cleared jewellery from most of the cabinets, shoving it into bags, before leaving together running from the centre.

"My sister was at Bayfair about 5.30pm when she heard breaking glass," says a SunLive reader.

"She heard a lady yell out 'gun'. And she and her partner and their baby ran outside. They saw three armed youth smashing cabinets.

"She doesn't know if there was a gunshot or not, but as they drove away they saw police arriving."

Another SunLive reader reports that there were three youth, two wearing dark clothing, and one wearing lighter grey clothing smashing glass cabinets at Michael Hill Jeweller. All were wearing hoodies.

A video taken by a shopper at the scene shows one of the youth jumping up onto a cabinet.

Three youth smashing cabinets to grab jewellery. Photo: SunLive/Supplied.

The robbery was over in less than two minutes with the robbers running from the store out through one of the Bayfair entrances.

"Police responded to reports of a robbery at a commercial premises on Girven Road, around 5:50pm," says a police spokesperson.

"It appears noone was injured, It appears one person was armed, not with a firearm.

"Enquiries are ongoing to determine what occurred and locate the offenders,' says a police spokesperson.

At the scene?

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The three robbers running from the store towards a Bayfair entrance. Photo: SunLive/Supplied.


Clearly Jacinda’s hug’s aren’t working

Posted on 19-03-2023 21:35 | By waiknot

A solution needs to be found fast as retailers will arrange their own solution and it won’t be pretty.


Posted on 20-03-2023 08:45 | By WestieMum

No words to describe this. And what will they get if caught? That's the sad part. And now they are "famous" on social media, with the person filming laughing "da boys"! It's not a joke! Hopefully the staff made a safe exit out the back and away. Pity they can't trigger the roller doors to drop and lock the jerks in (providing staff have exited that is). Makes me so angry.

Absolute tossers

Posted on 20-03-2023 15:41 | By fair game

I bet their whanau are real proud of them. ...

Bayfair Robberies

Posted on 21-03-2023 07:58 | By Thats Nice

Some time ago I was buying a pair of sunglasses in Bayfair. I was talking with the assistant when all of a sudden she dashed to the door and closed it with several customers inside. When I queried this, she explained a guy comes in and steals want he wants and then leaves and this happens on a regular basis. They can't do anything about him so they simply shut him out of the shop. How sad is this.

@ wainot + WestieMum

Posted on 21-03-2023 09:56 | By Yadick

I totally agree with you. Awesome heading for your comment too. I like your idea WestieMum. That has huge potential and deterrence.

A matter of time.

Posted on 21-03-2023 12:28 | By morepork

Retailers will employ armed security guards (as in the USA) or they will have access to lethal weapons for their own defence. We have watched this War escalate from threatening with a screwdriver or hammer, to armed robbery and it is a miracle that no-one has been killed... yet. The posts here reflect the frustration and anger of the general population at the apparent impotence of the government to do anything about it. I agree wholeheartedly; we have been far too soft on armed crime. There should be mandatory 5 years if you PRESENT a gun, 7 years if you FIRE it, and appropriate further time if you wound or kill someone. No boo-hoo upbringing or shattered family should make any difference. YOU are responsible for your actions NOW, and those actions have consequences.

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