Cameron Road upgrades progressing

Cameron Road’s new two-way cycleway and walkway near 12th Ave.

Upgrading works are steadily advancing along Cameron Road, despite challenges posed by unseasonably wet weather, with significant progress made since work began in September 2021, reports Tauranga City Council.

Hitting key project milestones is really important and despite the challenges associated with Covid-19 and the terrible weather through spring and summer, we have made great progress, says Tauranga City Council Commission Chair Anne Tolley.

"One of our key priorities for this work is to reduce the need for people to use single occupancy vehicles and make it easier and safer to travel by bus, walking or cycling.

"The Cameron Road upgrades will play a key role in connecting the community with our city centre, supporting its revitalisation and making it a great place for people to live, work, learn, play and visit."

Tauranga City Council transport director Brendan Bisley says it's exciting to see so much progress on construction, meaning we are on track for completion of the upgrades by the end of 2023.

"The wastewater upgrade is now 98 per cent complete. Three kilometres of wastewater pipe has been upgraded, replacing old, undersized pipes, some of which were more than 100 years old," says Brendan.

Water main installation on the western side of Cameron Road near 14th Ave.

Across the whole construction site, more than 8100m2 of asphalt has been laid for footpaths and cycleways and 5300m of concrete for new kerbing.

The street upgrade between Hamilton Street and Elizabeth Street is now complete, as are the new signalised pedestrian crossings near Spring Street and outside Tauranga Boys' College.

Now that most of the streetscape and stormwater work on the eastern side of Cameron Road is complete, the next phases of work will focus on the intersections at Thirteenth Avenue, Fifteenth Avenue, and Elizabeth Street.

Mana whenua representative Buddy Mikaere says seeing the cultural aspects and placemaking brought together through the design processes has been an important part of this project.

"The upgrade of Cameron Road is the first step towards realising a shared vision of better-connected communities that support our people, our economy and the environment in our fast-growing region," Buddy says.

"It is just fantastic for us to see these essential projects moving forward now and we are looking forward to these upgrades being completed."

The bus lanes and the two-way cycleway are taking shape and new bus shelters are being installed.

Bay of Plenty Regional Council public transport director Mike Seabourne says an effective public transport system plays an important role in the growth of the city.

"The Cameron Road project will make it easier for buses to move around and for commuters heading to work. As public transport becomes safer, cheaper and more efficient, congestion eases for all users and carbon emissions are reduced to improve air quality and public health."

Streetscaping works, including block pavers and garden beds, at the Ninth Avenue intersection.

"Cameron Road is a key public transport route providing access to economic, educational, and social opportunities for our community, including those unable to access other forms of travel," says Mike.

"Regional Council continues to work on improvements to public transport services and infrastructure in collaboration with our partners."

Waka Kotahi NZ Transport Agency system design regional manager Jess Andrew says for urban areas to thrive, people need to be able to move around easily and have a range of choices about how they get to work, connect with family and friends, and access services.

"We need to build a modern transport system with a mix of reliable transport options that help keep people and products moving safely.

"Building our future - Cameron Road is a significant part of delivering the Connected Centres programme (Urban Form and Transport Initiative), which will ensure existing and future communities have greater and safer travel choices to get people where they need to go."

Planning is now underway for Building our future - Cameron Road, Te Papa Stage 2.

Council will be engaging with the community about plans for the area of Cameron Road between 17th Ave and Cheyne Road, Pyes Pā, to make it safer and easier to move around. Cultural and wayfinding considerations will extend to Te Ranga, Pyes Pā.

Proposed options for improvements will be open for community feedback until Sunday, April 2.

To learn more, head to the project webpage – www.tauranga.govt.n/cameronroad.

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cycle track

Posted on 06-03-2023 15:23 | By dumbkof2

just traveled down totara st in the MT saw 6 cyclists all riding on the footpath. so how many are going to use cycle ways on cameron rd

Just like Greerton

Posted on 06-03-2023 15:33 | By Kancho

Soon the whole of Cameron road will be the same as the Greerton created bottle neck . I wouldn't mind so much if the bus system actually worked but frequently it doesn't. To go to the hospital still requires a bus transfer and takes twice as long on a good day and three to four times longer on a bad day. I doubt we will see commissioners on the bus , more likely they will be in a single use vehicle . Still they probably have more flexible hours than many of the citizens. Took twenty minutes to get through Greerton again today still that's not unusual. My record was it took a good hour to go from Fifteenth Ave to Barkes Corner at four o'clock having come from Katikati in not much longer .


Posted on 06-03-2023 15:52 | By jed

How many years have these works been going now? It is an insult to say they are 'progressing'! Chinese would have finished the whole thing in a couple of weeks! The planning is poor , the execution under resourced, and the cost to Tauranga high!


Posted on 06-03-2023 16:35 | By Kancho

As to feedback for the rest of Cameron road to Pyes Pa road then the most pressing is for council to strongly lobby NZ Transport for the underpass at Barkes Corner roundabout to take SH 29 under the current roundabout. As soon as possible. No amount of painting lines on the road will make any difference


Posted on 06-03-2023 21:05 | By Davy

What a bloody waste of rate payers money we no longer travel into a terrible town sorry but I will no longer drive to what was a great city centre

What a failure and waste

Posted on 07-03-2023 14:52 | By an_alias

Absolute waste of money, I've yet to see a cyclist use it. This has to be the most confusing stretch of road and markings, no one has a clue what to do. Try getting into the businesses, what a absolute mess and waste of ALL money that NO ONE WANTS (well apart from the dictators).

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