Tauranga City Council staff salaries to increase

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Tauranga City Council’s salary budget will increase this year following a review of its remuneration strategy designed to assist recruitment and retention of quality staff.
Council says it has spent several years reviewing its remuneration strategy, with input from the Public Service Association - PSA -  and external remuneration professionals. The aims of the review were to increase the transparency of decisions affecting remuneration, ensure that staff are paid fairly and that pay rates are competitive.

Commission Chair Anne Tolley says the review and resulting salary increases will play a crucial role in the council’s ability to deliver on the city’s Long-term Plan.

“Over the next nine years, we will deliver the most ambitious Long-term Plan this city has ever seen. We have a huge amount of work ahead of us to ensure this community gets the city it deserves," says Tolley.
“We need to ensure we can retain and attract the right people, with the right skills, experience and commitment to do the mahi. We’re competing with businesses from around New Zealand, and the rest of the world, to attract and keep that talent. Competitive remuneration is essential in making the council an attractive place to work, and the review has shown we have lost some ground in that regard."
As part of the review, all jobs were evaluated externally to ensure the remuneration for each job is appropriate.

The council will also change the way the salary range for each job grade is calculated. This aims to reduce the disparity between public and private sector salaries, particularly in the areas where local government salaries are seen as less competitive in the employment market.
Changes will be introduced through this year’s annual salary review. An additional 8 per cent has been budgeted through the Annual Plan to fund the salary increases and an increase in the council’s annual leave provision. Additional funding has also been budgeted for new roles which are required to deliver the long-term plan work programme.
Key remuneration changes:

  • A minimum salary increase for all staff of 4 per cent.
  • The minimum salary of any full-time employee will increase to $55,000 – more than 10 per cent above the current living wage, which increases to $49,000 later this year.
  • Additional increases as required to bring people to the correct point in the salary range for their job grade.
  • Minimum five weeks annual leave for all staff, regardless of position and service.

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@ dumbkof2

Posted on 03-07-2022 20:06 | By The Caveman

YES, that is what is heading towards !! Give every government and so called "government funded quasi government organisation" and Official Information Request" as to the salaries / etc that their GOVERNMENT appointed mob get paid - YOU WILL NOT believe what some of these “people” sitting on these “do nothing boards / commissions" get paid - BY TAXPAYERS in most cases its in the hundreds of thousands of $$$$ EACH LOOK at https://www.stuff.co.nz/entertainment/film/129132527/calls-for-film-commission-board-chairperson-to-quit-amid-stalled-conflict-probe !!!!

Only 4%?

Posted on 03-07-2022 17:23 | By southmark

Given annual inflation was 6.9% for the year to March, they’re effectively earning less than last year… It’s a competitive job market: I can imagine TCC’s job turnover will increase on the basis of this offer. And five weeks of A/L isn’t unusual… Instead of whining, maybe the usual Weekend Sun whingers could invest in an education and get a lower-than-inflation 4% wage increase for themselves. Oh, and TCC: more cycle lanes please ;-)

@ Ceem

Posted on 03-07-2022 15:54 | By Kancho

Agreed every position needs scrutiny . We have a lot of managers with fanciful titles on high salaries with work done by contractors. The council seem similar to the Labour government who have employed huge numbers of bureaucracts especially in communication or read spin to keep explaining why there is so lite delivery after so many reports and talk

Independent Establishment Review

Posted on 03-07-2022 14:29 | By Ceem

Before increasing salaries for whatever reason, isn’t it about time an "independent" review of ALL Council personnel was carried out whereby everyone has to justify their position, perhaps this would sort the wheat from the chaff and the wage bill would be reduced.


Posted on 03-07-2022 09:56 | By dumbkof2

why dont we just work for 5 weeks and have the rest of the year off and be done with it

more than 10 per cent

Posted on 03-07-2022 09:12 | By nerak

cream on top of cream on the cake! Dreamers the lot of them. And just where do they think their pocket fillers are going to get the $ to pay for this? I don’t anticipate an increase in my income any time soon, oh, how about a 10% discount on rates? They’re living in lala land.

Not Cost Of Living $ Increase

Posted on 03-07-2022 08:31 | By Thats Nice

"designed to assist recruitment and retention of quality staff" A lot of companies are having to pay more to retain their staff. Constant retraining costs money. This isn’t abnormal and it is a good time to sift out the rubbish and hire "quality" staff for the future of the business.........hopefully.

Cost Of Living

Posted on 03-07-2022 08:26 | By Thats Nice

Everyone knows the cost of living has risen significantly. Regardless of what you are currently being paid, if you don’t get the cost of living increase you are in actual fact earning less than last year so off course they should get that increase at a minimum. EVERYONE should get cost of living % increase.

Change jobs

Posted on 02-07-2022 20:12 | By Informed

Given the market is offering people 10-70% salary increases. If the usual moaners on here aren’t getting anything, then maybe go work for somewhere better. I’ve had staff being poached for 60k more for the same job. That’s just the market at the moment.

Absolutely amazing

Posted on 02-07-2022 19:33 | By Makkas1313

We should all put pressure on Tauranga employer’s to equal or better minimum 5 weeks holiday and see where that goes. The Government has put these people here to fix our problems in Tauranga . . . With a huge 13+ percent increase in rates these idiots should go. . . Along with their bloody awful bustops and stupid dedicated bike footpaths that will shrink our current roads and not benefit any electric or hydrogen vehicles . . Oh while we are at it let’s add a not wanted muesuem to add to the costs . . . Do these commissioners not realise LIVING IS VERY COSTLY!!! WE DONT ALL HAVE MEGA PAY PACKETS and most now struggle paying an ever increasing mortgage that the mega rich banks and insurance companies jump at any chance to pump up .

More pay, more accountability?

Posted on 02-07-2022 18:17 | By Big Doof

"The council will also change the way the salary range for each job grade is calculated. This aims to reduce the disparity between public and private sector salaries" Will they also have KPI’S and accountability similar to the private sector, or just higher salaries? In the private sector projects get delivered on time and within budget. Can ratepayers look forward to this once the salaries are increased?


Posted on 02-07-2022 17:41 | By BryanBOP

The council and their employees are under performing yet they get a pay increase. Only in a bloated buerecracy spending other people’s money would this happen.

Gravy Train

Posted on 02-07-2022 17:25 | By Slim Shady

I know a few people who have left jobs in Government departments, which are already well paid, to jump on this gravy train. It’s like a self fulfilling prophecy. Tolley and Co are determined to show / prove that they have delivered or ‘improved’ things and they can only do this by throwing buckets of money at everything. No restraint. No control. No financial nous. It’s the Labour Government in microcosm and will go the same way.

Add it up

Posted on 02-07-2022 16:07 | By Kancho

Five weeks annual leave , twelve statuary days, ten sick leave. Then additions perhaps like tangi leave three days, parental leave etc. maybe covid leave . So a minimum of thirty seven days three days short of two months but more likely with sick leave two and half months of nothing being done..sounds about right. Can we get two months rebate of our costs Anne or some savings on the (overly) ambitious plans you have foisted on us your cash cows.


Posted on 02-07-2022 12:58 | By TheCameltoeKid

If anybody at Council had any sense of integrity they would refuse it. The very fact that there is a double digit Rates increase just shows how out of touch these Commisioners actually are. Nobody else is getting a wage rise. This just doesn’t look good at all.


Posted on 02-07-2022 12:25 | By The Professor

This is rate payers money. Why should the minimum wage be so much higher than the minimum and more to the point, the living wage?! Easy when it’s not your money Trolley!! And 5 weeks leave......why, when the legal requirement is 4 weeks? Again, easy when it’s not the Council’s money. And why are the higher salaries not being quoted? In summary......disgraceful.

Where do I sign up

Posted on 02-07-2022 10:26 | By waiknot

Well this sounds much better than my current self employment

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