WATCH: Three Waters: NZ’s hot topic

Jordan Williams, centre, joined by Stuart Crosby, Glen Crowther and Brendan Horan for a discussion about Three Waters. Photo: John Borren/SunLive.

Three Waters - it's a contentious issue that refuses to be swept under the carpet.

The first piece of legislation putting in place the government's three waters reforms has passed its first reading in Parliament earlier this month.

In the video above, New Zealand Taxpayers' Union Jordan Williams is joined by Local Government New Zealand president Stuart Crosby and Sustainable Bay of Plenty Trust's Glen Crowther, hosted by Brendan Horan, for a discussion on Three Waters.

Watch above to see what they all had to say.

Essentially, New Zealand's drinking, waste and storm water management will go into the hands of four new council-owned water entities, instead of 67 councils.

Councils are to be divided among four regional water service entities, and each get one share in their entity for every 50,000 people in their area, with a minimum of one share for every territorial authority.

The Water Services Entities Bill is the piece of legislation that establishes the four entities.

At least one more bill will follow, transferring the assets and setting up consumer protections.

Minister of Local Government Nanaia Mahuta says there has been fierce opposition to the reforms.

Despite requests to stop the reforms, and go back to the drawing board, Mahuta says these problems have been talked about for the past 20 years and 'it's time for action”.

Jordan Williams and the New Zealand Taxpayers' Union have been touring New Zealand as part of the ‘Stop the Three Waters' Roadshow.

They stopped in Tauranga on Monday night to host a meeting at Classic Flyers.

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Posted on 28-06-2022 18:40 | By Pensioner

She just wants the control of the waters before National get back in. It should never be taken away from the councils. Maori don't own the water. It is a renewable source so keep your hands off it.

If this goes ahead

Posted on 29-06-2022 07:37 | By FRANKS

in its current form it will be the end of the Labour Govt.

Council Proposed Ownership

Posted on 29-06-2022 17:30 | By Ziggaty

To say councils still have ownership goes like this. It is like saying you can own your car but you can not drive, modify, or repair it and BTW we are going to take a massive loan out against it, send you expensive repair bills to keep it maintained, and have you pay the interest on the loan we have against it. Does this remotely sound like ownership? Does it even sound like an awesome idea if you are the owner of the car? Personally I do NOT.

Congratulations Ziggaty!

Posted on 01-07-2022 13:50 | By morepork

Best post I have seen on this and the most succinct and apposite statement on it.


Posted on 01-07-2022 13:51 | By morepork

I fervently hope so...

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