New rules for designated building products

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The Government is introducing new regulations for building products.

The aim of the regulations is to ensure a minimum level of information is provided about designated building products, increasing confidence in their use, and supporting better and more efficient decision making.

The new regulations for building products mean certain information is required to be provided publicly by building product manufacturers and importers.

Retailers and distributors will need to check the required information is available for the designated building products they sell or distribute.

The regulations will make it easier for designers, builders and homeowners to decide which products are right for the job, use them as intended, and make decisions about alternative products where there are product shortages.

They will also help building consent authorities with more efficient consenting, as they will have the right information readily available to check that building products included in plans and specifications meet their applicable Building Code performance requirements.

Manufacturers, importers, retailers, and distributors have 18 months to prepare to meet their obligations before the regulations apply to designated building products manufactured in, or imported, into New Zealand, on or after, December 11, 2023.

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Posted on 28-06-2022 15:51 | By Kancho

So this is about building supplies and the obvious difficulties of the building and consents industry that Labour has been sitting on since 2017. Recent obvious Pre Christmas last year GIB was deemed critical. So now eighteen months for suppliers and then 2023 for imports.

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