Deputy PM says bigotry must not be tolerated

Grant Robertson Photo: RNZ / Angus Dreaver.

Deputy Prime Minister Grant Robertson has spoken out about hate and bigotry online, revealing he has faced homophobic abuse at public meetings recently.

In a post he shared on Facebook and Instagram, Robertson, who is gay, noted a gunman's attack on a gay bar in Norway yesterday and the US Supreme Court decision on abortion and says, "the world feels as volatile, scary and uncertain as it has for many decades now".

"After two years of stress and anxiety from the pandemic, the forces of hate and bigotry seem to be on the rise."

Robertson says that an "anti-vax guy in a public meeting last week" yelled at him "that he was going to f****** get you, you homo c***."

"He is not representative of a great movement, is he?" Robertson wrote.

Photo: Supplied / Facebook.

There has been a rise in violence against the LGBTQIA+ community worldwide.

The Rainbow Youth centre in Tauranga burned down recently in a suspicious fire. The cause remains under investigation.

"Our response must be to stand together and support and protect each other," says Robertson in his Facebook post..

"If you see bigotry and racism call it out, even if it is not directed at you.

"If you know someone is dangerous or is saying things that are threatening, don't let it slide by, report it."

"I felt so proud of us on Friday during the Matariki celebrations. I know that New Zealanders are for the most part fair minded and generous. Let's hold tight to that."


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Posted on 27-06-2022 13:52 | By morepork

I found these comments heartfelt and sensible. (I didn’t know he was gay, and it doesn’t color my opinion of him.) The rise we are seeing in hatred and bigotry must not be countered by suppressing free speech; rather, it is important to get these sentiments out, where they can be addressed. Having said that, people who are targeted must learn to be less sensitive to it, and understand there will be no possible communication with the idiots doing it. Walk away. People who are short, fat, ginger, etc. learn to deal with abuse, and not let it get to them. ANY form of bigotry should employ the same principle; you can’t change this kind of mind with legislation, you can only avoid it and develop "immunity" until general awareness becomes more enlightened. There HAS been great progress with both bigotry and racism over the last 50 years.


Posted on 27-06-2022 10:39 | By Let's get real

Whilst I agree with the sentiment I feel that the current attack on the freedom of speech and strongly held beliefs from this socialist government is equally unacceptable. We have gone from policy favouring the beliefs and values of the majority of the population, to the majority of the population being mandated into accepting minority group policy above all else.

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