Police monitor Cameron Road speeds in Tauranga

Police stopping vehicles speeding through the construction site. Photos: Cameron Road Joint Venture.

Safety concerns over vehicles speeding through construction zones and abusive behaviour toward road workers along Cameron Road prompted Tauranga Police to take enforcement action.

Nearly 100 drivers were caught speeding through the Cameron Road roadworks over two days during a speed enforcement campaign in mid-June.

In a statement to Tauranga City Council’s Cameron Road Joint Venture, Western Bay of Plenty road police team leader Senior Sergeant Wayne Hunter says 23 people were issued speeding tickets, and another 73 drivers were given warnings for travelling between 33km/h and 37km/h.

The highest speed was recorded at 54km/h.

A construction zone speed limit is 30 km/h.

"Those issued speeding tickets included those clocked at over 40km/h and up to 49km/h, and two drivers were issued tickets for not wearing a seatbelt," Wayne says.

"This is unacceptable, especially when most of those spoken to claim they never realised how fast they were going and did not realise this was a workplace site.

"Being oblivious to your speed and surroundings is concerning. We need people to focus 100 per cent on their driving, including being aware of their speed, their surroundings, and the people around them."

BayRide co-owner Damian Fleming regularly sees speeding vehicles from his business near the corner of 3rd Ave and Cameron Road.

“Travelling through this area is shocking. It becomes quite upsetting to think what could happen here. There are kids walking with speeding vehicles close by. Drivers are also tailgating, which makes it dangerous for people accessing the businesses.

"There’s a reason for the reduced speed and everyone has a shared responsibly for safety,” Damian says.

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Posted on 23-06-2022 13:42 | By morepork

After being nearly killed twice on the Cameron Road controlled crossing to Tauranga Primary school, I’m glad they are policing the road works. On both these occasions, people drove straight through the red light and I was very lucky to be able to jump back without being hit. A more frail person would have had no chance.

Have to agree with Kancho

Posted on 22-06-2022 22:43 | By The Caveman

Having just spent three weeks driving around the North Island - road works / speed restriction signs everywhere - but NO road workers anywhere! And the condition/placement of most of the so called road works signs indicated that there had been NO work for weeks. AND as for the roads in the central North Island - it was a case of don’t worry about the tare seal - just DODGE the POTHOLES !!!

30kph speed zones

Posted on 22-06-2022 11:56 | By StevieB

It is about time that the police monitored idiots roaring along at up to 20kph in excess of the speed limit. The speed zones are lowered to keep eveybody safe. You don’t have to understand why the limits have been reduced, and you don’t have to agree with the reduced limits. But the point is, the speed limits have been reduced and every road user has an obligation to recognise the changes and respect them. Do not make up your own road rules or presume speed limits do not apply to you. They do. Drive more safely Tauranga, and be more tolerant of those in front of you, who are respecting the limits.


Posted on 22-06-2022 08:38 | By Kancho

Went through works but absolutely no one working and everyone traveling around 50 but in my opinion completely ok. See this all the time with road works to Katikati with no works happening no road surface problems for long distances. So why ? Signs just left regardless

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