No need to slow down these days…

I am now retired but still driving regularly. I relate back to when I had a bad run in the 1990s, when I was out and about on various council projects. Driving on Waihi Rd I was clocked at 53km/hr and a few days later received a notification the mail of my offence and the $90 fine. About six months later approaching Waihi from the Tauranga side an officer stepped out from the kerb with a hand held device waving me down, stating that I have been speeding 52km/hr; this time $90 more. Since then I have watched my speed. However with me doing 79km/hr in an 80km/hr these days there is always a line of cars with trucks big logging behind on State highway 2 Katikati-Tauranga – and there are no speeding tickets or handheld devices.

There is me cruising at 79km/hr being overtaken by logging trucks, rangers, half trucks as well as the modern car. If the fines were dished out now we could pay of national debt.

Peter Turner, Judea.

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