Time to send them a message!

With the early voting for the Tauranga By-election having commenced last weekend, I urge all Tauranga residents to send a very clear message to the current Government – regardless as to the way they vote.

If this Government was confident in the direction that New Zealand is going they would have used the opportunity, of a by-election, to put up a strong challenge explaining all their policies rather than the Prime Minister already saying that it is highly unlikely that the Labour candidate can win.

Do you support the health reforms, which will result in one part of our society having a majority say over the entire health budget? Do you support the Three Waters reforms, which will take local control away from our community?

And do you support the fact that while we are able to vote for our MP, we are not going to be permitted to vote for our councillors for at least another two years?

It’s time to send a strong and clear message to this Government that the way that they are taking us is not necessarily the way we want to go – and we can do this by getting out and voting.

Mike Baker, Bethlehem.

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Good ideas.

Posted on 12-06-2022 20:42 | By R Goodall

Yes to everything, Mike. Govt should hear from us. Yes, Tauranga will vote National. Yes, the Health reforms are excellent. Yes, Three Waters are necessary. Yes, the Commissioners have achieved more than the fractious councilors. Yes, some of us are selfish and don’t want the greater good. So vote, then keep quiet and carry on.

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