Western Bay: never forget your bin day again

Western Bay of Plenty Council's Deputy CEO and Group Manager Infrastructure Gary Allis. Photo: Supplied.

Having trouble remembering which day to put your bin out each week? Get a reminder straight to your phone and join Western Bay of Plenty District Council's crusade to reduce waste and costs.

Physical 2022-2023 recycling collection calendars will not be delivered to households.

"Instead, you can download a copy from kerbsidecollective.co.nz, or use the Antenno app," says Western Bay of Plenty Council's Deputy CEO and Group Manager Infrastructure, Gary Allis.

Gary says the kerbside service has been running for almost a year now, and most people are comfortable with which bins to put out and when.

'Instead of printing and delivering 18,500 calendars again this year, we've decided to go digital as part of our waste minimisation efforts,” says Gary.

'It's a team effort to reduce our waste and so we are doing our bit to support the incredible mahi of our community.”

For those that prefer a printed calendar, you can pick up a copy of the new 2022-23 recycling day calendar from any of the council's libraries and service centres or download it from the council website.

"You will also be able to cut the calendar out of all your community newspapers – Katikati Advertiser, Lizard News, Te Puke Times and Weekend Sun this week."

Gary encourages those more technologically inclined to download the Council's free Antenno mobile app – "a great way to stay on top" of which day to put your bins out each week.

"You'll receive a notification straight to your mobile the day before your scheduled bin day to remind you what bin to put out," says Gary.

'And of course, our website kerbsidecollective.co.nz is the one stop shop for all your kerbside questions, with a handy item search function and bin day tool, plus other tips and advice.”

Like the 2021-22 kerbside period, the only change for the upcoming 2022-23 collection period will be Good Friday on April 7, moving to Saturday April 8. All other public holidays will not affect collection days.

Council's kerbside rubbish and recycling service started on July 1 2021. It's designed to increase the amount of material diverted from landfill by about 60 per cent – around 1800 tonnes a year.

For more information, see kerbsidecollective.co.nz.

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Sorry, BUT

Posted on 31-05-2022 21:53 | By The Caveman

My 91 year old mother does NOT have a cellphone !!! " Instead of printing and delivering 18,500 calendars again this year, we’ve decided to go digital as part of our waste minimisation efforts,” says Gary. " Great, does hot help the "senior"population that don't have the tech !!!!!

Tip #2

Posted on 01-06-2022 10:27 | By Justin T.

Wake up in morning. Walk to foot path. Look left. Look right. Street lined with bins - put bin out. Street not lined with bins - don't put bin out.

Sorry But Look Again

Posted on 01-06-2022 11:01 | By Mommatum

Caveman, while not 91 I’m not tech saavy either but. You missed the part where you can pick up a printed copy from the library or cut calendars out of this week’s free paper. I know it’s a hassle when people decide to go digital for those like your mum without devices.


Posted on 01-06-2022 14:49 | By morepork

I don't use a cellphone, unless on a long roadtrip, only for emergency use. (I am very tech savvy, having spent 50 years in IT...I'm not on Facebook either...) However, I did note that the calendar is being made available for free from a number of sources, so it shouldn't be problematic for you to get a copy for your Mum. I absolutely LOVED Justin Ts suggestion... Talk about Occam's razor... :-)


Posted on 01-06-2022 15:11 | By Slim Shady

Do your mum a favour and download one and print it for her. She is your mother after all. Having the State provide everything for everybody all the time is just not sustainable. Take responsibility and stop holding your hand out all the time.

At Justin T.

Posted on 01-06-2022 16:01 | By Yadick

HAHAHA, Brilliant. I did exactly that this morning except I was in my car. Got to end of driveway (which is a looong driveway) and thought oh crap. Reverse . . .

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