Government backs Māori climate action

Associate Minister of Agriculture Meka Whaitiri. Photo: Ross Giblin/Stuff.

Farmers, growers and whenua Māori owners have been supported by the Government to ramp up their efforts to reduce agricultural emissions and the impacts of climate change on local communities.

The investments detailed today during a Māori caucus roadshow across the country are part of a total Budget 2022 food and fibre sector package of more than $1 billion.

“New Zealand’s economic security leans heavily on our clean and green brand, which provides a competitive edge for our largest export sector,” says Associate Minister of Agriculture Meka Whaitiri.

“Ensuring Māori farmers, growers and whenua Māori owners do their bit to reduce emissions means having the right information to makes informed decisions.

“Budget 2022 delivered $35.4 million to provide extra support through specialised climate-focused extension services to boost existing on-the-ground support to help farmers and growers adapt their practices and adopt new technology."

Whaitiri says that workshops, targeted groups, field days and other on-farm activities will be used to share learning and the most up-to-date information on low emissions practices.

“It will also fund tikanga-based programmes to develop and support long-term low emissions profiles for whenua Māori,” says Whaitiri.

“Further, a platform for Māori Climate Action will ensure the work under way on mitigation and adaptation is done in partnership with Māori," says Associate Environment and Emergency Management Minister, Kiri Allan.

“New Zealand faces some of the greatest natural hazard risks of any country in the world. The recent floods in Tairawhiti are a case in point. These are no longer one in 100 year events; a changing climate means that we can expect frequent and more extreme storms and floods," says Allan.

“The development of New Zealand’s first National Adaptation Plan is an opportunity to see, in one place, across government, what is being done to adapt and what is proposed in the coming years.

“The intention of the Māori Climate Action platform is to align existing kaupapa and relationships, not as a single point of engagement between Māori and the Crown, but rather to provide support and coordination across climate both mitigation and adaptation, and make it easier for Māori communities to engage,” says Allan.

Climate Change Minister James Shaw says tangata whenua are disproportionately exposed to the impacts of climate change and there are particular risks and opportunities for Māori and the Māori economy in the transition.

“We must ensure a fair and equitable transition to a climate-friendly future for Māori. That transition should be led by Māori and that will require building Crown–Māori relationships and capability to work together as equal partners," says Shaw.

“The Māori climate platform will play a key part of the Emissions Reduction Plan – our blueprint for a low-carbon economy. It will play a critical role in how we embed that partnership, support Māori-led climate strategy and action plan, and enable kaupapa Māori actions and solutions to solutions."

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So ...

Posted on 01-06-2022 18:12 | By Kancho

Even though children in poverty , people living in cars and terrible stats on health, crime and harm we have so much borrowed money to spend . The petrol excise tax reduction was temporary as are payment towards cost of living. Yet the government actually is taking tens of millions in GST fro higher prices. They tax every meagre dollar but overseas people on lower incomes don’t pay tax and food doesn’t get GST either. Ridiculous and really wrong. Today’s paper saying more tax on petrol to pay for roads ! We pay more tax than anyone on fuel already. A dollar a litre more in tax than Oz

Global weather.

Posted on 01-06-2022 18:01 | By Kancho

The way this comes across it’s as if climate change is a local problem a d our puny efforts will fix it. We are a truly tiny one fifth of one percent of emissions. However we do consume a lot of imported products made by coal burning with carbon miles to add. Strangely another article talks of retiring land . The world actually needs more productive land and clean water etc for future population growth. Not actually sustainable longer term . Berkeley in USA with many scientists predict a tipping point with population outstripping resources. Not sure when is all


Posted on 01-06-2022 16:35 | By Kancho

Climate change is happening. It has several thousands of years record of doing so without humans being significant. So even if human activities are causing it then the debate is can we actually reverse it. I don’t see how we can. Last year 163, 000 new registration of cars. Increasing demand for a production to satisfy an ever increasing population of consumers. Major manufactures import and flood our markets and the rest of the world by burning coal etc. We even burn coal here. No amount of spending will turn back the need for more food producing land and water for an expanded population. The biological tipping point is approaching by increasiing human needs.

Of course

Posted on 01-06-2022 15:08 | By Slim Shady

If Maori said they were going to build a time warp machine to a far away galaxy, they’d get funding from this lot.

You Have Got To Be Kidding . . .

Posted on 01-06-2022 07:44 | By Yadick

tangata whenua are disproportionately exposed to the impacts of climate change and there are particular risks and opportunities for Māori and the Māori economy in the transition. “We must ensure a fair and equitable transition to a climate-friendly future for Māori.  Groutby spells it out perfectly. We are supposed to be one country, under one flag (with one climate) Roll on elections.


Posted on 31-05-2022 20:29 | By groutby

..climate change affects Maori more than non Maori?...I guess I am being somewhat optimistic here, but I thought we all had the same climate and all had the same resource offered (if required) to assist with the reported theoretical climate change events...all farmers and growers in New Zealand have the same informed choices to make surely??....$1 billion mentioned?...heck the electioneering has started already!

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