Missing defibrillator unit on Mauao base track

Supplied Photo.

The automated external defibrillator (AED) unit has gone missing from the Mauao base track.

The AED unit was confirmed missing on Thursday, May 25. The lockbox had been padlocked closed again and the red cover put back on. Tracing through the 111 system shows no sign of it being used in an emergency, and no information has come through to Tauranga City Council about its whereabouts.

The AED unit was donated to the community in 2020 by local company, Exceed We Fix Windows & Doors, who continues to maintain the AED unit with replacement pads and batteries when required.

Exceed, along with Tauranga City Council, and members of the public would love to have it back, so it is available for the community in the event of a cardiac arrest.

“We need help from the community to find the missing device. Having access to AEDs or 'heart starters' in the community is critical and survival rates can be doubled by stepping in quickly with CPR and using an AED," says General Manager of Exceed, Tony Burnette.

Supplied Photo.

If you have any information on the AED's whereabouts, please contact either Exceed we fix windows & doors team on 0800 25 25 00 or Tauranga City Council on 07 577 7000.

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Crime epidemic

Posted on 27-05-2022 10:30 | By jed

Crime is rampant. Possibly due to the prison population being reduced from 10,000 down to 7600... it takes a lot to end up in prison these days. I predict prisoner numbers will start to increase again when national gets back into power. Gangs rule Tauranga now too, see them every day, but hardly see a cop car.

The BOTTOM line is

Posted on 26-05-2022 23:21 | By The Caveman

ALL of these units are hooked up to the internet - to ensure that the are "up to date" and fully functioning!!! WHO ever STOLE the unit does NOT realise that the original purchaser of the stolen unit just has to contact the unit supplier and report it as stolen and the "supplier" can TURN IT OFF ! ( Yes via WIFI -anywhere in the WORLD) A stolen unit is worth NOTHING once its been reported as stolen as IT WILL NOT WORK !!!!!!


Posted on 26-05-2022 20:51 | By Yadick

What absolute thieving scumbags. Something to help everyone and possibly even them. I will happily donate toward a new one. We use IRFA for our FANTASTIC first aid supplies and service. They are SO good. I’m sure if Excess contacted them they’d help. They’re very community focused and committed.

Another example.

Posted on 26-05-2022 18:11 | By The Professor

Yet another example as to how morons without a single brain cell operate. Spend money on crime not museums and meeting rooms!!

More vandalism

Posted on 26-05-2022 16:58 | By Kancho

What has become of our country our town these instances seem endless. This is not the country we grew up in

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