A house could be built in a week…

I have been thinking about house construction methods and economy lately and I concluded that we are behind the times comparative to other industries. Our typical frame house construction is so very 19th Century and why haven’t we progressed to more efficiency? The idea of hand-building on-site in all weathers bringing industrial scale amounts of heavy materials by truck through residential neighbourhoods is really inefficient and just bad practice. Building could occur with less timber, less waste, less energy if built in controlled environment in computerised assembly systems using less labour and increasing quality.

Builders would be a new creature skilled in design and in systems.

Plumbing and electrical and electronic services would be integral. Water harvesting, electricity generation and waste treatment all built in. On-site work would be confined to prefab foundations only. A house could be built in a week. Installed on-site in a day. Consenting would be systematic too and much cheaper. Okay, a bit 21st Century thinking I know, but?

GL Hodgson, Bethlehem.

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Building houses.

Posted on 27-05-2022 16:46 | By Shadow1

GL Hodgson is dead right, the rate at which houses are built is pathetic. Personally I’m surprised the advisers to the Housing Corporation haven’t been pushing flat pack and transportable houses for the seemingly endless number of people who need them. Obviously with a huge order, inflationary building materials costs could be avoided and would be procured at one time. I’m all for his/her dream of advances in building technology. Come on Government, let’s do it now. Shadow1.

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