Commissioners to write to Govt to express concerns

Misalignment of Government agencies and legislation is concerning Tauranga city commissioners

Tauranga City Council’s commissioners have resolved to write directly to Government Ministers to detail their concerns that a lack of alignment between agencies and legislation is impacting the planning and funding of urban development in New Zealand’s fastest-growing city.
Speaking to the ‘Growth & Land Use Projects Progress Report’ on Tuesday, May 23 Council meeting agenda, Commissioner Stephen Selwood acknowledged the additional funding the Government has put in place via a range of agencies, but said the processes and funding provided are “insufficient to unlock the land needed for housing or increase the supply of affordable housing in Tauranga”.

“Despite their best intentions, current legislation and processes are a roadblock to delivering the additional development capacity needed to address our current shortfall of residential and commercial land in the timeframe they are needed,” says Selwood.
He added that action was being taken through SmartGrowth, but a greater sense of urgency was required to get the city over the funding, planning and process hurdles that were inhibiting progress.
“Tauranga City Council is doing everything it can to unlock land to meet demand, from funding needed infrastructure through increased rates and developer contributions to developing its own land, recycling assets, enabling intensification and leveraging available public and private sector funding.
“Ironically, the Council is seeking to deploy the Government’s Infrastructure Funding and Financing legislation to enable private sector financing of desperately needed transport infrastructure, but may be stymied if Waka Kotahi is unable to commit its funding share without change to its empowering legislation, or provision of an alternative Crown funding pathway. It’s like we have to take one step back for every two steps we take forward,” says Selwood.
“On the housing front, the planned Te Tumu greenfields development is going to take longer than expected, due to the need to reach agreement with landowners on access and reach alignment with Government agencies on wetland requirements and progressing the Papamoa East Interchange.

"That underlines the importance of development in the western corridor, where 15,000 homes and 10,000 jobs are dependent on separating state highway, freight and interregional traffic on SH29 from public transport, cycling and walking connections on local roads and SH29A, from Tauriko to Cameron Road.”
Selwood says there was a need for tangible commitment to the urban growth partnership between SmartGrowth, Government, Waka Kotahi NZ Transport Agency and other agencies to remove the roadblocks and provide the necessary funding for the Papamoa East Interchange; SH29 improvements; Hewletts Road/Hull Road/Totara Street sub-area corridor upgrading; and Fifteenth Avenue/Turret Road improvements.
“We need real action that aligns with the scale of the challenges we are facing,” says Selwood.

“While we all agree on the need to reduce carbon emissions, just setting a reduction target for vehicle-related emissions in a growing city like Tauranga won’t work unless there is also investment in mode-change and a transport network where vehicles are consistently able to move across the city efficiently.”
The Commission will be writing to the relevant Government Ministers seeking urgent meetings to define and agree an action plan to address the city’s transport and housing issues.

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The Big Issue...

Posted on 26-05-2022 12:59 | By morepork a newspaper sold by the Homeless in the UK. But for me, here in NZ, the major issue is the destruction of our Democracy. I know the other issues (cost of living, roading, etc...) are very important to most people and I share that, but the thing that has made me heartsick, is watching our right to vote on issues being removed, the arrogant setting and pursuit of goals that make a minority very rich and widen the gap in our society, and the fact that we have no right of appeal or redress against the primitive tribal tikanga system from the 19th century which is being imposed by a Government, too weak to risk offending its allies. Te Parti Maori (sees Racism everywhere) but has the ear of the PM, and despite their stated objection to Democracy, their advice is being followed. The current Government MUST go...!


Posted on 25-05-2022 12:53 | By morepork

Amen to that!

I wrote to govt as well

Posted on 25-05-2022 12:42 | By an_alias

And asked for Democracy to be restored but the gravy train just keeps on running for some. Democracy to them is only what they say is correct.

Oh the troubles of dictatorship!

Posted on 25-05-2022 12:20 | By Avman

Oh dear, bringing dictatorship to Tauranga wasn’t quite as easy as the commissioners wanted. Still, they have allies in our current government who know just how to break all of the laws, so I’m sure they will still find a way to railroad their plans over all of us as usual. Once upon a time people obeyed the laws, and didn’t just try to circumvent them when they didn’t get their own way.


Posted on 25-05-2022 10:19 | By dumbkof2

we the ratepayers should write to the govt expressing our concerns about the commisioners sanity

Just say it like it is

Posted on 25-05-2022 08:09 | By an_alias

We are useless and we need more of your tax money to make us look good.

And yet

Posted on 25-05-2022 07:43 | By Kancho

The the plans to spend $303 millions on the down town that will probably fall foul of inflationary pressures and the cost spiral our of control . Just like Cameron road that went from $48 million to $60 millions plus and probably already more than that. Big spending but still the area of essential problems manifestly present.


Posted on 25-05-2022 07:30 | By Kancho

This government has borrowed and spent and the country deeper in debt. Growth seems to considered essential yet most of Tauranga’s problems are directly related to previous and ongoing growth. Smart growth has been anything but smart so far. New Zealand is going into years of debt and inflation yet our productivity is far less than many OECD country’s and nothing will change especially with this government’s policies . It is very unlikely the government will deliver any more funds as they are already overcommitted with their ideological spending yet to diver on anything. If they do it will be like everything to little to late.

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