New Zealand to stay at Orange for now

Covid-19 Response Minister Chris Hipkins. Photo: File.

With New Zealand expecting to see Omicron cases rise during the winter, the Orange setting remains appropriate for managing this stage of the outbreak, says Covid-19 Response Minister Chris Hipkins.

“While daily cases numbers have flattened nationally, they are again beginning to increase in the Northern region and hospitalisation rates have also increased slightly over the past month," says Hipkins.

"In addition, our latest Covid-19 modelling indicates that under current conditions, there is a likelihood of a secondary wave of cases appearing.

“The Covid-19 Protection Framework has effectively managed the Omicron outbreak at Orange. By following public health advice to remain at that setting, we can maintain some protections while ensuring businesses can continue to operate," says Hipkins.

New Zealand surpassed the 1000 deaths with Covid mark, with the total number of deaths at 1064 on Monday.

On Tuesday the Ministry of Health reported 6000 new community cases, 363 hospitalisations and nine deaths. There were 363 people in hospital, including 14 in intensive care with Covid-19. The seven-day rolling average of case numbers is 7712 – last Monday it was 7702.

“I urge everyone to continue to be cautious and think about the health of others, especially those who are immunocompromised or at higher risk of long-term health impacts from infection. Please also get boosted, if you haven’t already," says Hipkins.

“Self-isolation, vaccination and mask wearing continue to be our main defences against Covid-19. People will continue to be required to wear a face mask in many indoor settings.

“It is encouraging to see case numbers remain steady, but there are other factors at play that tell us to remain cautious and not yet move to Green. These include the arrival of new strains of colds and flus, which will add to the workloads of our already busy hospitals."

Hipkins says the next review of the traffic light settings will be in late June.

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Farce, just bring out the models

Posted on 24-05-2022 12:07 | By an_alias

So the models have NEVER even been close, thats why we rely on them. You are, if not have, lost all confidence by anyone who has a functioning brain or isn’t paid to support your position.


Posted on 24-05-2022 12:02 | By dumbkof2

throw away that modelling. it is worthless. stop wasting money on this. i could do the same job for 1 10th of the cost


Posted on 24-05-2022 11:38 | By Kancho

Still playing the delay game and politics on booster shots for the more vulnerable. UK been doing this since April

Makes no difference

Posted on 24-05-2022 11:36 | By Slim Shady

Half the people are not wearing masks. The other half are daft if they think it makes the slightest bit of difference.

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