Tired of insulting remarks…

Re: ‘Council eyes diverse future’, page 4, (The Weekend Sun, May 13).

In response to the Western Bay of Plenty District Council CEO’s article – it is just shock horror, how dare he speak such inflammatory comments about councillors and ratepayers? It is none of his business as to who stands for council to be elected so he should resign immediately before anymore embarrassment. Who does he think pays his inflated salary when he has no experience of council procedure and ethics himself?

His quote: “We need diversity of age, culture, experience, and skillsets. We need more Māori at the table so that we can ‘hand on heart’ work in partnership with Tangata Whenua.”

“We have a very clear demographic sitting around our council table and we need diversity,” admits John.

“We need to recognise other things besides the traditional privileges around being wealthy and white.’

Eighty-five per cent of the public are getting seriously very tired of such insulting and racist remarks and don’t tell me it’s not racist, it is!

C Humphreys, Katikati.

Editor’s note: The Weekend Sun asked Western Bay of Plenty District Council CEO John Holyoake and Western Bay of Plenty Mayor Garry Webber to reply to the letters above. They declined in this instance.

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