Beware of the political spin!

Don’t always believe what you see, was accurately portrayed by TVNZ’s ‘One News’, on Friday, May 13, with the last Tauranga Mayor being quoted “...the Tauranga CBD work in progress would not have happened without the appointment of Commissioners......”.

That statement was totally incorrect. Nothing on that news clip was a result of the unelected Commissioners. It was all work instigated and in progress under our previous democratically-elected council; the Westpac site, the Farmers site, the new council lease back site in Devonport Rd, the University of Waikato development.

The Government-appointed Commissioners have done nothing other than sell the stalled Harington St Carpark for $1; bring the nice-to-have waste-of-money Cameron Rd upgrade out of the bottom draw for the Covid fund when they could have argued for the four-laning of the Turret Rd Bridge and talked about a 50m memorial pool upgrade.

I say beware Tauranga and NZ; you are being subjected to political spin.

Doug Morris, Te Puna.

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Autocrats at it again

Posted on 28-05-2022 21:16 | By

Total spin ....more propaganda...the elected council of the day was except for one wealthy fly that flew into the ointment from Auckland to "make this town his own autocracy"...’my way or the highway’...he took the highway himself....

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