Out-of-control spending is not the answer!

As the pressure goes on supermarkets to control prices, and the media suggesting the rising cost of living is the fault of the supermarkets. No mention is made of inflation. The level of Inflation is causing the rising cost of food and everything else, and making us poorer.

The Reserve Bank Governor together with the Finance Minister have a responsibility to control inflation. Inflation must come down, and with the Minister continuing to spray money around without acknowledging the result will increase costs for everyone, and not to mention the debt for future generations.

A fundamental role for the Minister when setting his spending is focusing on the implication on inflation. He should be held to account by everyone. Every Finance Minister is responsible for controlling inflation. Out-of-control spending is not the answer. Worse still what dreadful debt we are leaving for our children. So, supermarkets have a responsibility to be fair and honest, but we cannot let this Minister and Governor off the hook. It is our lives and the future they are all playing with.

Margaret Murray-Benge, Bethlehem.

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@Mein Fuhrer

Posted on 28-05-2022 21:27 | By groutby

so...umm.....just get to the point will you!! :) Bang on the money there tho sadly for all.........

this out of touch government

Posted on 26-05-2022 15:32 | By Mein Fuhrer

would have to the worst ever in NZ’s history, what a total clown show, just defies belief the amount if illogical fluffy nonsense coming out of their hysterical hypocritical mouths.

Separatism/ socialism

Posted on 25-05-2022 15:04 | By crazyhorse

Labour got in more by luck with Winston the first election, then Covid 19 and the mosque shootings secured them a second term with fear mongering and promise’s of more free stuff Labour lied, campaigning on a promise of honestly and transparency!. They have been just the opposite governing along racial and anti democratic lines. Ardern made promise’s on housing, health and a raft of other issues, how many of her promise’s has she kept. None!


Posted on 25-05-2022 05:55 | By R Goodall

We elect the Government to collect and spend money. The only question is what to spend it on. If you think Health takes too much - heal thyself. If Transport takes too much - then walk. If food is expensive - grow your own. If you can do better - stand for election. Just don’t whinge. It doesn’t change anything.

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