Ōmokoroa burglaries: three youths arrested

The accused are due to appear in Youth Court. File photo.

Three youths have been arrested following a spate of burglaries in a beach community on the outskirts of Tauranga.

Two Ōmokoroa dairies have been broken into five times in the last three months.

Police stopped three people in a vehicle on Ōmokoroa Road on Friday, May 13.

After searching the vehicle and an Ōmokoroa address, police found packets of cigarettes, tobacco and a significant quantity of cannabis.

The arrests of the three youths follow a series of burglaries in the area.

The Ōmokoroa Beach Store was ransacked by what the owner called “a gang of teenagers” on May 8, which was the second time this dairy had been broken into - it had already been robbed three weeks earlier.

Another dairy, Ōmokoroa Minimart and Takeaways has been broken into three times in the past three months.

In April, a group of youths drove their car into the glass front of the shop, even though it had been fortified with a metal bar after the property was broken into twice in February.

All three youths who were arrested face a charge of burglary to the Ōmokoroa Store on The Esplanade on 8 May and possession of cannabis for the purpose of supply.

One is additionally charged with burglaries to the Ōmokoroa Mini Mart on McDonnell Street on 11 and 24 of February 2022.

All three will appear in Youth Court at a later date.

-Stuff/Annemarie Quill.

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Posted on 19-05-2022 21:23 | By Yadick

Youth Court, HAHAHA. These youths will be back on the job in no time. The Professor is right by his well worded comment. Slam the kids, slam the parents. Jail time in separate prisons for both youth and parents. It’s time to step up and face the criminal problem. Sick to death of the wet bus tickets (and the buses).


Posted on 19-05-2022 19:25 | By Honesty is the best Policy

If you can do the crime you should do the time even if you are under age. GET TOUGH LOCKEM UP

Which will it be?

Posted on 19-05-2022 14:10 | By The Professor

will it be the left or the right hand which gets a slap for these crimes? Get tough and deal to these morons in a severe manner - and go after the parents as well!!


Posted on 19-05-2022 12:45 | By dumbkof2

will be just another wet paper bag sentence. time to start getting tough

Youth Crime

Posted on 19-05-2022 12:08 | By CliftonGuy

Considering the amount of youth-driven criminal activity happening, I feel that their parents and carers should be held to account for the environment which has fostered this activity. I feel that these parents/ caregivers need to be brought to court along with the youths as accessories to their crime, and sentenced along with the youths. Hopefully, the potential for sharing the blame will initiate more guidance and control by their parents.

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