Tauranga by-election: 12 candidates announced

The names of the candidates and the list of 20 voting places have been announced by the Electoral Commission. Photo: File.

The Electoral Commission has released the names of the candidates standing in the Tauranga by-election, along with a list of voting places for when voting starts.

Twelve candidates are seeking election as the Tauranga member of Parliament.

Nominations for the by-election have closed and the following candidates have been confirmed:

Candidate name  Party
CAWOOD, Allan ONE Party
COKER, Christopher Aotearoa Legalise Cannabis Party
CORBETT, Tony Independent 
DICKSON, Gordon Independent 
GREY, Sue NZ Outdoors & Freedom Party
HOLLIS, Andrew New Nation Party
HOUGHTON, Helen New Conservative
LAMARE, Yvette Independent
LUXTON, Cameron ACT New Zealand
TINETTI, Jan Labour Party
UFFINDELL, Sam National Party
WAKEMAN, Peter Independent 

"Now that nominations have closed, we can start to print voting papers for the by-election," says Graeme Astle, National Manager of Voting Services.

Advance voting in the Tauranga electorate will start on Saturday June 4.

"There will be 17 advance voting places in locations that are easy to access, where people will be able to enrol and vote," says Graeme. "The times that advance voting places are open vary, so check before you go to vote."

On election day, Saturday June 18, 20 voting places will be open from 9am to 7pm.

Advance and election day voting place locations and opening hours will be listed on the vote.nz website.

Voters enrolled in the Tauranga electorate who are currently overseas, or who will be overseas on election day, can also vote. 

From June 1, voters who are overseas will be able to download voting papers from vote.nz and be able to return them by upload to the website.

More information on overseas voting can be found at vote.nz

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No Greens

Posted on 18-05-2022 13:23 | By Bob Landy

But plenty of other nutters to choose from.


Posted on 18-05-2022 10:16 | By Slim Shady

No Green candidate? They must be very busy buying lots of buses and doing the bus driver training. I mean, seriously, the ’game changing’ climate action plans are revolved aound buses. May as well go the whole hog and put us all back on horse and cart. Jokers

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