Prime Minister tests positive for Covid-19

New Zealand Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern. Photo: File.

Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern has tested positive for Covid-19. She has been in isolation since Sunday May 8 when her partner Clarke Gayford tested positive.

The Prime Minister has been symptomatic since Friday evening, returning a weak positive last night and a clear positive this morning on a RAT test. At this stage her symptoms are moderate.

As a result the Prime Minister will be required to isolate until the morning of Saturday May 21.

She will not be in Parliament this week for the release of the Government’s Emissions Reduction Plan this coming Monday or for the Budget on Thursday. Travel arrangements for her trade mission to the United States are unaffected at this stage.

The Prime Minister will undertake what duties she can remotely this week, but Deputy Prime Minister Grant Robertson will take the post-cabinet press conference on Monday May 16.

“This is a milestone week for the Government and I’m gutted I can’t be there for it,” says Ardern.

“Our emissions reduction plan sets the path to achieve our carbon zero goal and the budget addresses the long-term future and security of New Zealand’s health system.

“But as I said earlier in the week isolating with Covid-19 is a very kiwi experience this year and my family is no different,” says Ardern.

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And . . .

Posted on 14-05-2022 19:42 | By Yadick

So has my Wife and Son but I don’t see them making headlines. What’s the difference, they both work as well, my Wife in a very specialist field. Jacinda does her chosen job just like others.


Posted on 14-05-2022 17:18 | By dumbkof2

oh dear no more wasted trips overseas at the taxpayers expence in the near future

Of course she has

Posted on 14-05-2022 15:52 | By Slim Shady

Is this part of her ’we are open for business’ campaign? Spend 4 weeks every year holed up at home, for no good reason. No wonder the USA has New Zealand down at category 3 ’ Do Not Travel’. It’s a big, look at us, we are Stupid. We like wasting time and money. And it’s fronted by the biggest egg of all.

Just as well...

Posted on 14-05-2022 12:15 | By morepork

... she’s vaccinated, eh? I hope she gets better quickly.

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