Generosity for Ukraine

I had a call from a lady from Omokoroa, who said she was interested in getting a T-shirt made especially to help the people of Ukraine. She said that she also wanted to give me a donation. I live in Tauranga, in a place not easy to find for an elderly lady. She found me after a few mistakes and arrived fairly early in the morning and gave me five $20 notes, which blew me away. She made my day, as collecting for any cause is not for the fainthearted. My T-shirts – which I’ve been selling to raise funds for the people of Ukraine – displays a drawing of a Red Cross dog (a German Shepard) from 1917 during the First World War. I’d like to raise $10,000 for the International Red Cross to hand over to Ukraine, without one penny for administration.

Many thanks to this lady for her concern.

Ronald Chamberlain, NZ International Red Cross member, Otumoetai.

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