Out of season cyclone forms west of Australia

Cyclone Karim lies west of Australia. Supplied photo.

The cyclone season may have just ended on April 30, but try telling that to Cyclone KARIM which is currently a Category 2 storm in the eastern Indian Ocean, says WeatherWatch.co.nz

"Karim lies well west of Australia and poses no threat to any major centres, although will be close to the Cocos Islands (population around 600).

"The good news is that Karim will weaken in the coming 48 hours."

There is also another tropical cyclone in the North Indian Ocean named ASANI.

"However unlike Karim, Asani has formed in a part of the Indian Ocean that has a Cyclone Season all year round.

"Karim, being further south than Asani, falls under the Australian jurisdiction and tracking shows it fairly short lived.

"There are no signs of any late season tropical cyclones forming north of NZ / east of Queensland in the SW Pacific Ocean, although modelling does suggest low pressure may be forming around / near Fiji later this month as a weak La Nina continues to just hold on."

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