Covid-19: PM isolates after Gayford tests positive

Clarke Gayford woke on Sunday morning feel

Prime Minister and mother Jacinda Ardern has had what she calls "a mixed bag" Mothers' Day experience.

Ardern will be spending the next seven days in home isolation after discovering on Sunday morning that partner Clarke Gayford has tested positive for Covid-19.

A photo of a Mothers Day card from daughter Neve that Ardern has posted to Facebook also includes an update on their household Covid situation.

"Happy Mother’s Day everyone! It’s not even midday and already I’d say ours has been a mixed bag. Neve was so excited that it was Mother’s Day she got up nice and early to share this lovely card!" writes the Prime Minister.

“The downside is Clarke woke up feeling a bit average and has tested positive for COVID, so we have 7 days of family time ahead of us!” says Ardern.

The Mothers' Day card made by daughter Neve. Photo: Jacinda Ardern Facebook page.

"I'm fine and so is Neve. I’ll be working from home so anyone who watches question time, or is attending my Business NZ speech on Wednesday, you’ll still see me remotely!

"Otherwise, a happy Mother’s Day to everyone who plays mum in anyone's life. You are as magical as hot lava is to a three year old!"

A spokesperson for the Prime Minister says Ardern will continue to attend Parliament and do other work remotely.

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I hope...

Posted on 09-05-2022 13:40 | By morepork

... he gets better and the other 2 don’t catch it. Slim makes a good point about it being counter-productive for many days when it hits a family. Isolation is a cost for all of us and, given that it really isn’t as terrible as most of us believed, maybe it does need to be looked at. Maybe we provide localized treatment, lower isolation to say, 4 days, and use more frequent testing. I have to say, there is a really good feeling when you test negative after having been positive.


Posted on 08-05-2022 17:19 | By Local Too

But he’s been vaccinated, whats going on?


Posted on 08-05-2022 14:55 | By Slim Shady

First of all I don’t care about Neve, or Gayford, or her. But let’s just look at the absurdity of it. She starts isolation, then she gets it, then the child gets it, so the clock starts again. That’s 2 weeks isolation. At least twice a year. What if you don’t have a job that you can do at home? Are we supposed to keep people off for 4-6 weeks a year to isolate? How long is that sustainable and at what cost? Then when you factor in that you have lots of people isolating who haven’t got it, like the PM currently, and lots of people who have got it, but don’t isolate because they either don’t know they have it or they just ignore isolation rules, you come to the conclusion that it is pointless, stupid and very expensive. Which is why most countries have dropped it.

Why is this even news

Posted on 08-05-2022 13:57 | By Lizziec

Why is this even news many people have had it or are going through it now and it doesn’t even make the headline news. Isn’t this a private matter between them?


Posted on 08-05-2022 12:34 | By Yadick


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