Stadium proposed for Tauranga‘s Wharepai Domain

Entrance to Wharepai Domain, also known as The Domain. Photo: SunLive.

The current phase of a feasibility study investigating a possible multi-use community stadium for Tauranga has recommended a location and an initial concept be advanced for further analysis and consultation.

The study is being undertaken through Priority One - Western Bay of Plenty's Economic Development Agency, in collaboration with Tauranga City Council, Bay of Plenty Regional Council and Sport New Zealand.

Wharepai Domain, also known as The Domain, has been identified as a site of focus for the study, and the current phase of work has outlined the central portion of The Domain as the best location.

“This is a positive step forward,” says Priority One CEO Nigel Tutt.

“We still have a significant amount of work to do including further consultation, design, funding and a business case.”

“No final decisions have been made, but if the stadium progresses, it could be home to all types of events, including cultural, community, business, entertainment, and sports events, including large-scale concerts,” says Nigel.

While this has been a partnership approach, the stadium would be located on Tauranga City Council land. Therefore, once plans have been sufficiently developed, there will be public engagement as part of the next annual plan process.

Entrance to Wharepai Domain, also known as The Domain. Photo: SunLive.

“Ensuring the community-led space represents the wants and needs of the community is vital. We know it is important that green spaces are retained, and the rich culture of our region highlighted, and we look forward to having further discussions about how we might be able to make that happen,” says Tauranga City Council Commission Chair, Anne Tolley.

Tangata whenua representative Buddy Mikaere says engagement with mana whenua has been undertaken and will continue.

“The site is an area of cultural significance, and it will be important that any concepts put forward enhance the unique whenua on which an arena might be built. We’re really looking forward to having a suitable venue to host mana whenua, and local events, with pride,” says Buddy.

“We the Iwi support the local hapū in their vision and aspirations for the new stadium facility," says Ngāti Ranginui Chair, and member of the Governance Group overseeing the feasibility study, Donna Gardiner. "We also see this as a significant investment and support of all rangatahi of our moana, and furthermore see this as a significant investment in the future leaders of our region.”

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What's wrong with this statement?

Posted on 04-05-2022 13:22 | By morepork

" once plans have been sufficiently developed, there will be public engagement" Translation: "We will do whatever we want to, because we can, and you will be invited to have a conversation about it so that you will feel included, but anything you say will be ignored. Understand that WE run this place." WHY are we letting MAJOR projects happen WITHOUT public voting on priorities? WHY are we not consulted on WHAT WE see as important, instead of what the TCC/Commission (who, ironically, are supposed to work for US...) see as important? The posts here have raised excellent points about whether it is needed or not and whether that’s the place to put it, but discussion from the public will happen AFTER the decision is taken to proceed. Priority for MAJOR works should be by PUBLIC online voting, once a year, and it should be BINDING.

Sorry but Wharepai Domain

Posted on 04-05-2022 12:31 | By earlybird

is not a good location for a stadium because large events end up being a bit chaotic with cars all over the place. If you must build a new stadium find a suitable location. Don’t we already have a stadium at Baypark?

Anything goes

Posted on 04-05-2022 08:09 | By Slim Shady

Good idea. Building materials are dirt cheap at the moment. No shortage of skilled workers and materials. Should be cheap as chips and up in a flash.


Posted on 03-05-2022 20:46 | By hexsayer

clearing another plan by the same big-brain intellectual that brought us the ’One-sided traffic lights over the train track between a T-intersection and a roundabout at BayPark’

Wow, clog the roads even nore

Posted on 03-05-2022 20:13 | By Get our roads

OMG, and yes, consultants will be rubbing their hands together, more fees for a stupid suggestion like the 20mill carpark building, and who will pay for that, yep the generous ratepayers who have plenty of spare change in their pocket, just another offshoot stupid idea to try to revitalize CBD, and a chunk of wasted time and money. We want our roads done first, then infrastructure fixed before all this disaster should even be looked at, what planet is TCC on, oh I know, planet IDIOTS.

The worst possible site

Posted on 03-05-2022 17:10 | By TheCameltoeKid

Where are all of the cars going to park or is Brendan Bisley going to force everybody onto the Covid infested busses? This is another nice-to-have from that the Ratepayers certainly don’t need. If anything the Stadium at TeMaunga could be reconfigured. This is another case of people wanting to spend other people’s money on their own greedy wants!


Posted on 03-05-2022 16:43 | By Let's get real

I’m waiting to hear the huge public outrage against the removal of genuine "public green space"... There have been just as many promotions of this project as there have been for a museum from boofheads that believe that believe professional rugby is a must-have at public expense. Let’s have a decision on which sports are going to get ratepayers subsidies... elitist golf, horse gambling or professional sports...?


Posted on 03-05-2022 14:09 | By Yadick

Makes a really good point as does SonnyJim. We don’t need a stadium especially there.

I agree SonnyJim

Posted on 03-05-2022 12:45 | By Chookymac

What about the Race coarse For a covered Stadium.Heaps of area for parking and people from other areas cam get to it without coming through the centre of town .These people talking of the using the Domain are taulking a load of shite.There will be no parking


Posted on 03-05-2022 12:22 | By Mommatum

For those of you with cars no doubt. However if it’s truely to be a stadium for everybody then Cameron Road’s the ideal location. It will also get more people using those “empty buses”. that generate so much commentary.


Posted on 03-05-2022 10:23 | By Mallyg

what worry with the Mount at bay oval u have hockey netball cricket squash rugby there is more room to develop all u want over ther olus room to build a big car park and bus park but we really do NOT HAVE THE MONEY FOR THIS RIGHT NOW O BUT anne will want to put the rates up again and again !


Posted on 03-05-2022 09:36 | By gincat

If this goes ahead, please pick your engineers very carefully. No more stuff ups like the parking building.

Unelected no end to spending

Posted on 03-05-2022 09:19 | By an_alias

Yep the unelected have no barrier to spend as much of other peoples money as they can. You are a farce beyond belief, "the increases of rates are for essential infrastructure only". Just more lies from people that are not accountable and just take the money.

Something Nice

Posted on 03-05-2022 08:47 | By Equality

Council is always looking for ’something nice’ to spend our ratepayers dollars on. Anything to avoid spending money on the things that really need doing! Like infrastructure!!! Although I must say that this will be of more use than the flashed ’white elephant’ - the so called Civic Centre that will result in a bottomless pit for ratepayers money!


Posted on 03-05-2022 08:31 | By bigted

The Tauranga ratepayers are facing large rate hikes. This is no secret. A perfectly adequate stadium at Te Maunga will soon be a 10 minute drive from the CBD. Lets get the fundamentals right before we get the luxury items.


Posted on 03-05-2022 08:28 | By SonnyJim

Would it not make sense to put a stadium well away from a busy corridor like Cameron Road?

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