New Board internship initiative launched

Saima Hussain Anis, Anthony Campbell, Commission Chair Anne Tolley, Suki Xiao. Photo/Supplied.

Tauranga City Council is launching the inaugural Board Intern Programme for council-controlled organisations which will see candidates join Bay Venues Limited, Tauranga Art Gallery Trust and Tourism Bay of Plenty.

Commission Chair Anne Tolley says the internship programme will bring diversity and new perspectives to the CCOs, while also building the governance capability for future businesses, trusts and the councils in the Bay of Plenty.

“It’s great that Tauranga City Council is providing a pathway for professional development through the internship programme.”    

The first successful internship candidates is Saima Hussain Anis from Bay Venues Limited.

Bay Venues Limited director Nick Lowe says Saima expressed a strong desire to contribute towards the development of Tauranga City, has already taken significant steps towards the development of her governance career, and is keen to further her learning and bring a fresh perspective to the BVL Board.

“Bay Venues is committed to both diversity and inclusion, which is a shared interest for Saima who has contributed to many projects and written a range of articles covering this subject.

“She is a great believer in the advantages that diversity of thought can bring to any situation,” says Nick.

Tauranga Art Gallery Trust’s Anthony Campbell is another candidate.

Tauranga Art Gallery Deputy Chair Steven Farrant says Anthony really stood-out through his clear drive, ambition and commitment to professional development. 

“Anthony has a broad range of skills and experiences to draw from, which provide a solid foundation to progress his understanding of governance within a supportive environment.

“He brings a great understanding of Tikanga Māori and will provide insights from a Te āo Māori and wider community perspective, which we wholeheartedly encourage within the organisation.

“The Tauranga Art Galley Board and I are looking forward to welcoming and working with Anthony.”

Another candidate is Suki Xiao from Tourism Bay of Plenty.

Chair of Tourism Bay of Plenty Laurissa Cooney says Suki had a standout CV and displayed enthusiasm and confidence during her interview. 

“With her hands-on experience working for central government and her current role as a career coach for ethnically diverse women, Suki will bring an exciting new lens to the Board of Tourism Bay of Plenty.

“We are looking forward to welcoming her unique skillset and working alongside her to develop her career in governance.”

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Posted on 11-05-2022 00:55 | By hexsayer

So what’s her face has already taken significant steps towards the development of her governance career??? you mean her civil services career? no? so go away with these unelecteds. they might as well be foreign diplomats, why should i pay for them when i can hardly afford my own essentials from MY HARDWORK. maybe TCC should try it some time, Hard.Work...


Posted on 02-05-2022 17:10 | By Avman

So nobody is to be hired based on qualifications or ability anymore then, only on race and gender alone? That seems to be abundantly clear from this council, well, this Labour Party appointed commission I mean.

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