New sea level data underlines need for action

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Climate Change Minister James Shaw says the release of new sea level rise data underlines the importance of the work the Government is doing to build a low emission, climate resilient future for New Zealand.

“Data from the NZ SeaRise programme confirms why this Government is right to prioritise action to cut emissions and prepare communities for unavoidable climate impacts,” says Shaw.

The NZ SeaRise: Te Tai Pari O Aotearoa programme has released data today showing the projected impact of sea level rise around the coast of New Zealand.

“Sea level rise has been a known consequence of climate change for many decades. What this data helpfully does is update the evidence we have for what sea level rise will mean for us in Aotearoa," says Shaw.

“While the findings are sobering, the data shows why we must continue to build on the progress this Government has made over the last four years to build a climate-friendly, prosperous future for Aotearoa – ending offshore fossil fuel exploration, upgrading schools, hospitals and businesses to run on clean energy, and making it easier for families to purchase low-emission vehicles.

“Later this month we will publish New Zealand’s first ever plan to cut emissions in every part of the country. Collectively, the actions that will make up the Emissions Reduction Plan will meet the climate targets this Government has set. Achieving these targets will improve our towns and cities and help to create climate friendly places for us all to live and work," says Shaw.

“While cutting emissions is the best possible step we can take to limit the severity with which we feel the impacts of climate change, we know we must also prepare for the effects we cannot avoid."

Shaw says right now the Government is asking for feedback on New Zealand’s first ever National Adaptation Plan.

"This plan will be a step change in the way we plan and prepare for the impact of climate change," says Shaw.

“The new sea level rise data provides further evidence of the challenge we have ahead of us. But the underlying question it asks is whether we can address the challenge in a way that benefits everyone.

"The answer for this Government is clear: we are committed to talking climate action that will deliver new jobs and opportunities for Kiwi businesses, lower household energy bills, a more sustainable agriculture sector, less air pollution, warmer, drier homes, exciting new technologies, the protection of native species and eco-systems, cost savings for businesses, and overall resilience,” says Shaw.

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@ morepork

Posted on 07-05-2022 16:09 | By Kancho

I’m not debating or disagreeing about the causes of rising sea levels . But I’m saying it’s not going to change as it’s possible the world population will be doubled in a hundred years. Every year more cars go into roads, every year more consumption of everything. Even food production will fail , clean water will be fought over . Just existing , eating living create carbon dioxide, methane etc all will increase regardless of puny efforts . Nature always wins


Posted on 05-05-2022 14:19 | By morepork

7 billion+ people and their livestock, not to mention the clearing of forested areas to accommodate them, MUST have an effect on the planet. Sea levels HAVE changed previously and it is normal. But this time it may be abnormal... I agree with you that NZ is not even a drop in the bucket compared to the major polluters, but we have to be seen to be concerned, so we can maintain our marketing image. It is insane for us to import coal from ANYBODY, when we have supplies here. The feeding of current populations is not about food production, it is about food distribution. There is plenty of food, it just doesn’t get to where it is needed.

One single power plant.

Posted on 04-05-2022 13:43 | By morepork

A fusion reactor placed on an offshore island (in case of earthquake), could meet the entire electrical energy needs of the country for the next 200 years. No nuclear waste. No carbon emissions. The same energy as the sun. Explore the facts before you let your prejudices call the shots; there have been HUGE advances in fusion reactor design over the last 20 years. Here’s just ONE link worth reading:

Stop wasting money

Posted on 03-05-2022 21:45 | By Get our roads

Here’s the problem, people buy crap and waste it. You buy milk which tastes like water, humans dont even need milk to survive, you buy crap at the supermarkets loaded with sugar and cancer causing preservatives and feed it to our children that Govt charges GST on, why, cause we are feeding our communities crap which makes you sick. How often have you paid for nice fruit or veggies in the supermarket for it to be rotten the next day, storing it and spraying God knows what on it to make it look nice, NZ is gull of fly by night business, we saw this with Covid and now you want the same, tourism and restaurants are not the answer to a productive economy, new ideas are that wont harm us or kill the environment.


Posted on 03-05-2022 12:47 | By Kancho

Yes we import coal from Indonesia with terrible working conditions meanwhile we have picketers down south trying to stop local coal mining that is actually cleaner and not brought half way round the world , go figure. Climate change yeah probably but really it’s about global manufacturing in China , Indonesia, India, USA etc who create most of the emissions. But hey it’s to feed us all the production , so we create the emmision just by being alive. Climate and sea levels are global but our contribution is tiny here but part of the manufacturing elsewhere. As population grows so does manufacturing th world population continues to grow so unstoppable. Burn Indonesian coal to run Ev cars lol

Questions Please

Posted on 02-05-2022 12:52 | By Bob Landy

By how much, and by when, is sea level projected to rise? If New Zealand went to zero emissions tomorrow by how much will sea level not rise / recede in the next 50 years? How is importing coal from Indonesia helping the government achieve their emissions targets and climate targets?


Posted on 02-05-2022 09:35 | By Slim Shady

Yet more experts throwing data out there and insisting we listen to them. We have just had two years of experts getting all predictions wrong. Fearmongering. I had no idea there were so many experts in New Zealand.


Posted on 02-05-2022 09:32 | By Local Too

Yes keep the fear going to keep the people down, btw sea level rising is bollocks.


Posted on 02-05-2022 08:55 | By Kancho

Its obvious that sea levels have changed multiple times in history. The current debate is human activity cause which maybe so. NZ production of emissions are calculated to be one fifth of one percent of world emissions. However we are fixated on a huge effort and cost of trying to influence the global issue. Yet we are all consumers of industrial productions from huge manufacturing in Asia. Increases in Car use whether EV or not or and products create emissions. Population growth is the main driver in all of this and will only increase. Stop global warming then stop producing children who want to consume, well I think not ! We can’t even feed the current populations

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